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This is a bit sad to report, and even more annoying to watch. Normally you expect in gaming it be the gamers finding a way to cheat. In this case it's not the gamers, but the people in charge themselves cheating. Naruto Online was a number game in the entire planet for a little while. That has long since gone away, now we just have a broken most likely dead product. Here is what happen for us to end up at this state.

Improper use of moderation

I have never witnessed such gross misuse of moderation power. On top of that, you have moderators who speak very poor English. Out right cursing out players. And breaking the rules they should be up holding in the first place. When you have people in charge who aren't mature this is what happens.

Misuse of position and power

Normally in gaming, if you have some kind of position of power in a game. You cannot be active in a live server. You cannot take part in live servers communities. The reason being is it's an unfair recruiting advantage. People would naturally want to hang out with the guy who is in charge of something. That imbalances competition and servers. This is the main reason people don't allow it.

Improper unfair pricing based off of region

Naruto Online started as a Chinese region game. I was one of the first people to cover it. The prices in China were already ridiculous, to begin with. But what Oasis games who published it in North America have done. Is raising prices on things that were already over priced, to begin with. And do it based off of pools taken to figure out whose rich. Not base it off of what characters are truly popular or worth it. Pretty much price gauged America because it's America.

Illegal use of YouTubers and representation

As a YouTuber in the United States. If you represent a product by law we have to say that. Oasis encouraged YouTubers to be sponsors in private. And used them to push product while giving them bonuses. This is about as underhanded as you can get in the gaming scene. Not to mention it can have major legal issues.

Unfair pricing and event manipulation

This by far is the most disgusting. Just to take advantage of players and make things pay to win. Several former employees have come out and exposed Oasis. Of having extremely small rates on winning events. So even if you spent thousands of dollars you wouldn't really win much. In comparison this did not happen in China. You can actually win things at a very fair and legit rate. China is guilty of another crime though....

Marks and planted accounts

For the most part both North America and China for that matter. Have this ugly thing going on. Remember above I said people in charge shouldn't be inter mingled with the community. This is about as bad as you can get with that. It's been found out people who paid alot in the game. Was sent free characters of high money worth. This gives people a false sense of competition. It's used to make people want to spend to chase gamers. Who technically are not real competitors.

This is just a sad situation, I don't see it changing at all. I pretty much quit in North America, I can't support a company this badly cheating the public.


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