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Naruto Online has been updated to 2.0. The game is now smoother and more simple to play. A lot of quality of life changes have gone down. Including increased exp across the board.

(1) “Ninja Tools – Five Natures” is available now.

Ninjas can now obtain “Five Natures Stone” in Team Instance. The Stones can be used to infuse the natures of the Five Natures into Ninja Tools. Different Natures give different bonuses.

(2) The “Ninja” interface was optimized.

a) Check other players’ Summons and Battle Armor by clicking “View tactics” in other players’ Character Information interface.

b) When you drag the mouse to the top of a ninja and hold it, more attributes and types will be shown (e.g.: Haku is officially represented with a “Male” symbol).

c) You can now search for a Ninja by inputting the ninja’s name or a skill’s name.

d) Skills that were specific to a certain character and needed to be use in the World Map were removed. Every Main Character now has the same skills in the World Map. This way, Barriers can be crossed by any of the Main Characters.

(3) The “Battle” system was optimized.

a) More Status icons added in the battle (appear on top of your characters), including “Status Transfer”, “Immune to Interruption” and “Control Failed”.

b) When a player is in a Battle, other players are not able to join his/her Team anymore.

c) When specific ninjas are in Action #1 in a battle, some particular dialogues might be triggered.

(4) “Tactics” have been added in the Power Up interface.

(5) The “Team” interface was optimized.

a) 5 types of Teams have been added: “Normal Team”, “Group Instance”, “Team Instance”, “Strong Approaching” and “Wanted Mission”.

b) The Captain of a Team can now send out an invitation in the World Chat or Group Chat to recruit more members for his/her Team.

(6) New functions available in the “Group” interface.

a) “Donations This Week” has been added in the “Group Donations” tab.

b) The rewards in Lucky Wheel have been improved. As the Group’s level increases, the rewards in the Lucky Wheel will become better.

- PvE System -

(1) Plot/Elite Instances

a) Chapter Ten: “Five Kage Summit” in the Plot Instance tab.

b) The information for “Sweeps” appears faster for Plot/Elite Instances.

c) Claimed rewards from “Clearance Reward” in the Plot Instance tab are now marked as “Claimed”.

(2) The “Team Instance” interface has been updated to a new version.

Each Instance now has 3 Difficulties. Completing the “Recommended Instances” will give players extra experience and coins.

(3) Rich Field updated

a) “Expert” difficulty will be available when players reach level 70.

b) “Extreme” difficulty will be available when players reach level 85.

c) The harder the difficulty cleared, the better the obtainable rewards.

d) Cooldown Time of Trials has been decreased to 10 minutes.

(4) World Boss – Nine Tails Invasion

a) The HP of the Nine Tails will be adjusted automatically according to the Total Damage as the battle progresses.

b) The rewards will be sent based on the damage a player manages to cause in proportion to the Nine Tails’ Total Damage.

- PvP System -

“Fighting Matsuri Challenge” system was optimized.

a) The Rule in which players had to register in the first 10 minutes to participate in Fighting Matsuri Challenge has been removed. From now on, players can register anytime during the event.

b) Players can only select 10 Ninjas in the registration interface.

c) Main Characters will revive automatically after being defeated once a battle ends.

d) Revival Potions can only be used to revive ninjas if 1 of your selected Ninjas has not been defeated (Main Character is not accountable). A maximum of 3 Revival Potions can be used in each Fighting Matsuri Challenge.

e) The Matching system in Fighting Matsuri Challenge has been improved. The gap between opponents has been decreased. However, if the Matching Time exceeds 60 seconds, players will be matched to a random player.

f) If the Loading Time exceeds 30 seconds, the player will automatically be considered as “Defeated” and the opponent will be considered the “Winner”.

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