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The events for this week are lacking it could of been done better. The lantern event seems a bit interesting, everyone in the server can help each other.

Official Release

This year, Santa is still trying to deal with managing every address on time and having every present prepared, which means... Santa might need your help completing these tasks!
The other day, Naruto was roaming around Konoha when suddenly someone was eating Gingerbread! Can you believe it?! Gingerbread in Naruto and during Christmas?!

Naruto did try to offer some to Sakura, wishing her a Merry Christmas, but she launched the Gingerbread back at his face before he could even start to say anything...

Naruto had to rethink his way of showing his appreciation for all of them being together; instead, he thought about the annual Wishing Lanterns, guess what? Couldn’t have gone any better! He went near Teuchi’sIchiraku Ramen, conveyed all his feelings into the Lantern and released it! When he realised, everyone was looking at the sky, wishing for their own hopes to become true!
We would like to thank you all for your support and wish you a Merry Christmas! Below, you can check this week's coming events, which will be available on 12/22/16 and we ask that all of you have a look at it.

Be happy, celebrate and be together with the ones dear to you!
We wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Gaara Breakthrough

Tsunade Breakthrough

Sasuke Breakthrough

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