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She isn't that bad, sometimes C ranked characters really suck. She has a very good move set. We're still waiting on an American announcement for this game. You can play it now no problem I'll link to that here. If you want to pvp actively you will need a Chinese VPN. That I don't advise anyone on. Because it really depends on where you live. Even with a VPN that will only improve things not make it 100% great.

Shizune Rank C

Default Skill= Is short and floaty. Pretty much you need to time it and move in. No spamming and winning, you will miss and get punished.

First Light Damage Attack= She jumps and throws out Kunai. It rains out and once she starts it has a little super armor. So she won't be knocked out of it. One key thing to note is Super moves can knock you out of it.

Second Heavy Damage Skill= She fires out poison this poison stacks and sits on the ground. If you get enough enemies inside it. As well stack ninja tool poison and the snake summon poison. You can close to one shot bosses. It's not like you can always do that though.

Super Move= It's a combination of all her skills and stacks poison. Using things correctly along with this skill will quickly decimate any enemy. This makes her the highest dps C rank character I have encountered. With that said it takes some skill and timing to pull it all off. She is not anywhere close to a face roll character.

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