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I would like to thank the Moonfall team. They reached out to me and gave me the chance to check out this cool retro styled game.

If you like Zelda and Castlevania games. This game may be exactly the type of getaway game you need.


Quick pacing in the game. Gets you right into the action

Loot in the game seems on point. A lot of useful things early game

The retro feel takes me back to my Super Nintendo days. That is actually a good thing.

Music in later stages starts to get epic


The beginning of the game is a little hard for no reason

Finding where to go is frustrating at times

Hit detection is really bad in your favor and against you

Some bosses one shot out of nowhere.


The game is worth its price 9usd. I had a lot of fun doing a live review for it. In fact, it was the first live review I did. Where the people watching did not want me to stop playing. So I can say it at least has a streamer audience for it.

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