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Just my thoughts on everything and backing away from the glut of games. ARPG has gotten over flooded into any new one that comes now. Is almost certainly to be doomed to fail. The exceptions to this rule is Lost Ark and Lineage. Anything else nope you're doing and cancelled in one year tops. 

The old tried and true wow clones. Are all hanging tight, even they are slowly fading. The public is more aware of cash grabs and not spending on non sense. This has done two things for us as a community. One is they basically made any Triple A community scared to cash grab. And number 2 is everyone for the most part is copying anything that succeeds.

PVP you can forget even asking about that. Because now MMO pvp sadly is considered Overwatch or shut up. Guild Wars 2, Tera, Blade and Soul, and Black Desert. Have all been rendered useless due to bad choices and bots. To be honest their is no true number one in that area. 

Next up you have the one bloated and now thank god scarce Browser MMO's. They are the prototype of pay2win and cash grab. Some more than others sadly. The truth in all of this is most of the browser MMO's have died a quick and needed death. We still have Naruto Online and it was the number game on the planet for awhile. Bleach Online meh it's pretty much dead and League of Angels both 1 and 2 are still striving.

The last area is the most concerning but highest growth. That is the Android Mobile MMO area. This has exploded so much some game companies have completely abandoned pc gaming. It's easy to make these games cheaper. And the cash shops out shine any other genre's cash shop. It's good for the companies and bad for us. Now we have too many of these games coming.

The point too all of this is we actually just have too many games. No one human can possibly play it all. And it has led to a massive water down of the industry. I personally have downsized the games on my pc. Unless I need to review them for some magic reason. Just too much bloat for my taste. You should try it out maybe you will come to my same conclusion?

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