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We are at the point where we are struggling to find somewhere we belong. MMORPG has become so hard to be loyal and stay in one place. So the thing now is what to do? Well, we talk about that and my two content creators to watch. When do you think of a home game? Do you have one do you have a place that makes you run home and play? Most likely you don't have that feeling anymore. Because somehow some way that feelings have been replaced with convenience. While that may get more gamers into a world. It certainly doesn't immerse the population like it did in the past. I'm hoping some company realizes that and brings back social interaction.

I also wanted to take the time to point out two very solid content creators. One of which is ItsNolay a very amazing artist. You have to watch and experience. A kind soul who just wants the best for everyone and to have fun. And the second is MisaGlitch a very energetic down to Earth gamer girl. Who also does art and reviews games. Show both of them support if you like their work.

Video Art Creators ItsNolay= https://www.twitch.tv/itsnolay

Image result for itsnolay

GamerGirl Reviewer MisaGlitch= https://www.twitch.tv/misaglitch

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