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Mr. Fantastics Profile

"The ultra-brilliant scientist, Reed Richards, along with the rest of the Fantastic Four, received his powers when their spaceship was bombarded with ultra-high levels of cosmic radiation. His DNA mutated, Richards found he was able to stretch and shape his body into almost any shape and at great distances and even absorb and contain explosions. 

Mister Fantastic leads the Fantastic Four as they use their powers to defend earth from conquest and destruction. Reed Richards is generally regarded as one of the most intelligent beings from Earth."


I had a blast leveling him. His moves are fitting, you really do feel like Mr. Fantastic. His voice acting is cool, although the science puns get old fast. He is a little too squishy for my taste. Even if you go full def on a build. It's not worth doing that anyway. It's best suited to keep enemies away from him. He doesn't do well close combat and swarm. His aoe is ok but nothing you will burning up zones with.

It's weird but he is a ranged melee fighter. Good travel and utility some attacks seem a bit slow. But in all he is worth spending some coin on or in game items to get. I give him a 7.5 in all. Mainly because of the combo of being squishy and bad at close range combat. You can over come that, it becomes more bothersome the higher level things get. So my suggestion is pump dps and kill them before they ever get to you.

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