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I have had many years of fun in this game. After this latest large update. I wanted to take a little time before speaking on it. It's too large just to throw out an opinion. So after time watching and playing I feel comfortable talking about it.


The game has become easier to understand. I like and dislike this but it was needed. Because some characters and parts of the game were too complex.

All characters some what got upgraded or made better. (Some still suck)

Leveling makes a little more sense in modes

Team ups and power sets are better used and customized. No more 100's of points to manage, this at times was annoying.


Infinity Gem system is good but needs to be explained more. So people don't feel so cheated from the older system

Travel was nerfed some what. We have a new toggle that needs a few seconds to activate. That makes no sense who poses to start running. Its a cartoon comic game you don't need that in it.

Population in the game is visably down or maybe just too spread out. What was once easy to play with people randomly. Is now not so easy and a little lonely.


I understand why all of the changes happen. Some of them were extremely well implemented while others were awful. It's the main reason I waited for the dust to settle. They still have a ways to go to iron all of this out. The game is still enjoyable, even still when you update so much. It takes a very long time for people to get used to it.

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