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When I was contacted to take a look at this game. I didn't know what to expect and it was a nice surprise on a busy Thursday. This game has the looks and mechanics to be a really fun game. It's still early in the process for them as things are right now I'm interested.

Game Features

- FPS style shooting and projectile attacks
- 3rd person melee fighting with combo ability and combo counters
- Human flight at the speed of sound
- Swimming and car/truck driving
- Lifting and flying with cars/trucks
- Grabbing enemies while flying at high speed and smashing them into the ground or buildings
- Two different character versions that can be customized and swapped during live gameplay.
- Indoor and outdoor combat
- Real time stragetic battle choices
- Building and environment destruction
- In-depth character customization
- Dynamic day/night cycles and weather

- Building and recruiting military assets (soldiers, tanks, turrets, war ships and jets) and much more.

Company Website - http://maidengaming.net/


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