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The short answer is yes this game is fun. And a very good passer of time. Being CBT it's a nice time to get in there, and see what everything is about. Remember that all progress will be wiped. Now to give you a more in-depth answer. If you have ever like Dungeon Nest or any game like it. This game is exactly like those games. You have instances you go into multiple times are varying levels of difficulties. To do multiple quests to progress the story along. This is nothing new in this type of game. In fact, the only thing different in Kritika is the combat. The system resembles a fighting game thrown into an action MMO. Injustice 2 fans Street Fighter 5 fans will feel at home there. When the game goes OBT I'll come back with more deeper leveling gameplay. I've gone pretty far in Korea in this game. And really to be honest with you, it never changed from the very first dungeon you run. You just get more moves and stronger. 

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