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You hear it time and time again. Sex sells and not only does it sell. But it moves people to play things they wouldn't otherwise play. With that said I'm glad I tried it because I like things like team combos and group synergy.


Team based supers I love those

Plenty of free characters to start with

A lot of spoken dialogue for a browser game

Music is that bad when its all said and done.


AI doesn't seem to fight back alot

A very slow start up to this game. You need to play a bit for it to get interesting

Males do appear in this game but appear really weird and hentai looking

The cliff for game toughness appears like a mountain. Nothing eases you into things getting stronger.


The game is actually fun but suffers from smooth transitions in levels. You stomp one level next level it crushes you into the ground. Forcing you to go back and grind way too early in the game.

Kamihime Project   Browser Game   Sexy Girls  

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