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With the main game coming out the 16th. We got an early look at things in the world of Injustice 2. The android version is actually pretty close to the real game. Right down to the gear system and the cut scenes. 


A nice and simple combo system

All characters present from the main game

Voice acting is pretty good

A lot of systems and deep questing 


The game is massive most phones can't handle this my Samsung relatively new could not.

AI doesn't seem to get any smarter several hours into the game

Some systems seem heavily pay2win influenced (Conquest) way too easily manipulated

No real multiplayer


This could be the next collectible game to catch fire. Beyond that, we have seen this game the past two years. It's almost a clone of the recent Mortal Kombat Android games. That doesn't mean this game isn't better. It runs better and has more modes. It just all depends on how lenient the shop is.

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