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The wave of games is just coming in on us in June. Hyper Universe is a great MOBA ARPG coming that is in CBT. I wanted to originally do a complete CBT review. Once I started the game I realized how much the game is missing. From the Korean version of the game. I played the CBT in Korea and it had a great deal more characters and modes available. So I'm going to refrain from doing any sort of major review on this version of the game.

This is an Action MOBA platformer. Player skill comes more into the fold in a game like this. The ability to move and position yourself is a major factor in winning. Minion waves exist as the standard for an MOBA. You have lanes and ladders to change levels and lanes. You also have mini bosses like MOBA's as well. This game also has a story and PVE elements like MXM. You can earn parts and skins for characters there. In all this game is another interesting game we can hop into coming later this year.

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