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Han-gyaku-Sei Million Arthur is a 3D MMORPG spin-off of Square Enix’s Million Arthur series. It sustains the key card-breeding element of Million Arthur and possesses new features fresh to returning players…

■ Choose one out of the six primary Arthurs.
■ Players can summon any cards from their decks at any time.
■ Cooperation with Arthurs of different jobs is of course important, but increasing the intimacy level with players’ assistant elves will grant them even greater power.
Excalibur has chosen its owner Arthur – but there is a million of them.
These warriors have to protect Britain at all cost from various invasions.
As their adventures proceed, dark conspiracies come to light.
What does it mean to destroy Excalibur?
Who are hiding behind these bloody wars?
A rebellion (Han Gyaku) is about to begin…
Million Arthur   Han-Gyaku-Seo   Android   Gaming  

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