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So the official For Honor CBT is here. It's as fun as you would think, the gear system and customization is nice


Custom Gearing gaining gear from conquest wins and packs is awesome

The combat system is a more advanced for of rock paper scissor

Getting PVP wins feels gratifying against good opponents

Siege fighting is fun to be apart of

The voice actor is pretty good.


The game is a major memory hog weak pc's should not bother

Matching in the beta is a little sparse pc side

NPC Ai needs a buff they are plain dense

Wall glitches can be used to win. I made a bug report on this I won't show it here


This game is as solid as they come this early in the year. If you're looking for a Dynasty Warriors/Demon Souls hybrid game. Hey you'rein luck because that is exactly what For Honor is. 

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