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This is a pretty nice next gen MMORPG. I wanted to give you guys a quick look at character creation. I will doing the review later in the week. I want to give the game proper time and levels. Before I have any valid opinion on it. But for now on if character creation is in depth. I will do videos a long side the review. 

So you have a choice in what you want to see. Some people honestly don't care about character creation. And just want to know if the game is good or not. So people want to know if they can make sick characters beforehand. This way its attempt to make several gamer's comfortable and not waste any ones time.

Echo of soul has 6 classes to choose from. And they are gender locked it seems. But they do allow a lot of customization on them. So even if you're locked to that class. You can completely alter how they look. I'm a little meh at gender lock but the ability to change everything but that is nice.

As you can see the game is gorgeous and I can't wait to show off everything. 

Everything next gen is doing it big. So I hope all the games come out in this quality moving forward.

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