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Just a quick tutorial on how to use a PS3 or Xbox controller to play dungeon fighter. It makes things supremely easy for me. Because I like twitch combo play. Doing that on the keyboard will injure your fingers. In this guide I show you how to install a controller to your pc. And how to map it for use in Dungeon Fighter. I use this same method for various games. I use the PS3 controller because it's the most stable and functionally useful controller on the market. One could say it's made for combo gaming. So it's perfect for a game like Dungeon Fighter.

It also reduces strain on your hands. I remember back in the day of DFO. My hands got tired using the key board. Not now I can play staight relaxed sit back in my chair. You can get yourself a beer soda or whatever you like to drink. And start kicking some game backside in style. I just give you a base to start from. By all means use whatever button set up you feel comfortable with.

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