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I like the art style on this game. And the music is pretty good over all. I keep saying this every week it seems. Every new game that comes out in this style is better than the previous. Check out the music and graphics in this one.


Music is epic like too epic for Android

Graphic style looks different and rather cool

Characters have more a lot of collision. Meaning they don't look like their floating through enemies. 

Story driven which is nice games are focusing more on it in Android titles


Seems a bit too automated and doesn't let you control much

A lot of story but really linear, nothing on the side to do

Music is great but drowns out everything else

The grind in the game became real earlier than I expected


This is a pretty good game. It just feels like something is missing. As the time goes a long games like this keep coming. They all seem to build on the previous. This one pushes us towards the the fun.

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