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This game overall is Digimon and Monster Rancher combined


  • Super free2play friendly for now

  • Digimon authentic to the show, no lame actions that don't match. This is a problem in previous games

  • Easy to follow gameplay


  • Gets repetitive fast

  • You need a bit of patience in this game. Even if you pay your way, things just don't progress smoothly

  • Seems a bit rushed with not much to do later levels. You end up repeating the same dungeon 30 times a day for one Digimon.


It's the first true to the show game. That did the animations completely correct. A few games existed before. You can tell it wasn't true to the original IP. This is a very grindy game. Nothing new that you haven't already seen in other games. So unless you're a Digimon fan I can see most people skipping it.

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