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Let's start by saying this is the most free2play mobile game in existence. So I can't say enough that if you can support this game. Because we need more fun and fair games of this calibur. This is an full review of the game from start to the end of the content chapter for Bell. You have other chapters after that with Ais and Lefiya. But those are sub stories of the original show. And they happen along side Bell's story. The season really ended with Bell's story. And we are waiting for another season now to come through.

Understanding the flow of the game

  • The game is exactly very easy to understand. You have the normal Bell episodes you start out with. You progress through each episode unlocking the next and hard version of the previous episode. The key to this game is farming out these episodes. To gain better characters so you progress easier into the story. Also keep in mind a strong start means much more in this game atm. I'll explain this in the next part and leave it up to you if you care about it.

  • Once you have gotten as far as you can in normal before you start losing. That is fine turn around and head to hard modes of previous episodes. And then repeat that and go into very hard. You will notice that the levels move with you in all of the modes. As if that is what you were supposed to be doing the whole time. Because that is exactly what your supposed to do.

  • Doing this gets you a lot of currency saved. Don't spend any of that on revives or something silly. Save it because you will need it for summons and limit breaking characters later. When you complete Episode 29 of Bell's story its over and if you progressed properly up to that point. Along with pvp and other things. You can easily have over 10,000 Iris saved up.

The Perfect Start

  • Everyone has their own opinions of a perfect start. The truth is it's relative to whoever you want to use. And whatever Gacha is available at the time. For example Ais and Lefiya is up right now. Both are very strong and maxed limit broken they can carry you through every piece of content in this game. And that is if the other two members in the squad die. They can still kill everything alone in normal, hard, and very hard content. At level 80 max limit broken they're pretty much god level.

  • So say if you wanted to reroll now? You would be aiming at a gacha with both of them in the 10 summon. The reason being is you have roughly 10k Iris to freely chase and spend. After that you have to earn it pvp wins very hard episode missions etc. Or you can just spend for more Iris if you like. But why spend anything that you can just set yourself up properly from the beginning?

Earning Better Gear

  • You get gear upgrades progressing through episodes. This gear is a good stat jump so by all means navigate through all of this content. It's with in your best interest. Also helps you out a lot in pvp to better take hits and deliver them. If the other team isn't as far in the story as you are. Some characters have special weapons that only give passives when they wear them. So pay close attention to who gets bonuses for equipping each one.

  • I'm already rank 80 now but in this video I wasn't yet. But you can see the growth and free gear you get for completing episodes. I caution it is a long grind. And you really need bonded characters to handle the power.

  • If you don't you will need to grind a bit harder on 3-star characters. It's possible just more of a chore without 4 star bonded characters. Makes it more of a thing to start with a really good team out of the gate. It lowers the amount of luck and money you will need later.

Arena Modes

  • PVP is more about characters who afflict status on targets. Or gods/characters who can negate status too. Me I say F all of that Ais and Lefiya go one shot someone. That will work until people learn to build their whole teams characters and gods. Then I'll have to work on inflicting on teams. So keep all of this in mind in pvp. Also remember the Wargame isn't really about battle percentages. It's about points so even if you lose a lot you can still grind out a respectable rank for rewards.

  • Monsterphilia is a manual mode that isn't that hard. It works pretty much like the original game episodes structure. You rally shouldn't have much trouble with it. Just knock it out as best as you can for the rewards of each gate.

Special Events

  • Do not ignore the Passion of Maenads event. That is a free 1000 Iris for you if you can complete it all. As well as a free level 80 3 star character. She is not the best character out there. But she is a solid back up and will help you through content. Level 80 characters do not take a lot of damage. So they can almost singehandledly tank a hard mission for you. This event is time limited so get your 1000 iris and character and be done with it.

  • The Story of Growth event is good for any 3 star character you have you need bonded. Just get 10 points a day for a Precious Jewel. By the 7th day you can buy a Gold Bond. You can use that to bond any 3 star you have. I'll use that on my Bell until I get the 4 star bell. Keep in mind you also get Iris from all 3 difficulties of this event too. So 100% complete all of these for the Iris gains. It only maxest out at level 45 missions so that is easy for all.

  • That is all for now. I'll do more in the future as I chase level 100 rank. I'm rank 80 now it is super grindy. I don't think they wanted us this high that fast. The exp ration went through the roof on ranks. If I left out anything point it out and I'll annotate it.

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