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I wanted to show how I start the game. And have zero problems progressing. Pretty much all you need to do is a good place to base camp.

Water good food and resources on hand is very good to have. Try to place your house in a spot not on top of spawning resources. For instances don't clear out giant boulders and place a house there. If you do that no more resources will spawn there for you or anyone else

Remember when foraging for materials. If you end up at max weight? You can craft right in that spot. This will lower your weight especially with rocks and wood. Then dump your materials or place them at your home.

Try to make a stone axe and weapon first. So you can kill Rabbits and wolves for meat. This will help you a long way to surviving hunger. Also remember to make a camp fire so you can cook all meat.

Another cool trick is camp fires can work as safe deposit boxes. It's limited but resources can be put there.
Something I figured out early is make material runs and dump them into the camp fire. Until you can make a box, build up your materials and items.

From here you should have all you need to survive and start getting bolder with your conquest. Also don't forget your bedroll in case you die. So you can always spawn back at your home.

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