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Ok let's be honest from the start. I believe this is the third time the game has been restarted. With that said they didn't do half bad this time around. I wish it had more cinema though, it needs it badly. I feel like the CTU system is carrying the game. But at any rate here's the good and the bad.


CTU's are bad ass the heart and soul of the game.

Skill system allows you to make your own rotations for dps

If you find rare items you can use other classes’ weapons. Not many games allow that.

Quick quests so this game would fall under the rare quest grinder.

Solo dungeons offer challenges

Nice animation on the characters attacks look good

Nice sounds on weapons and attacks some games skimp on this.


Character customization is limited. And I don't understand why. It seems like they were on the right track, and just cut out the other options

The game has almost no story. Here's what happen to me in 25 levels in the game. I crashed on a planet, got attacked by starship trooper aliens, Got mad and shot them, got a pet. Ran around killing more aliens "The End"

I think it may be too late for this game. Prime time on a weekend, I ran into three people TOTAL. And failed to find anyone to do the first team dungeon

CTU pets are more fun to control than the actual classes..Hmm something is wrong here.

Has to be the silliest A.I. I have ever seen in a game in my life. You can attack most things twice before they realize. "Hey this dude is kicking my ass! Maybe I should hit him back now?"


I mean if you guys like sci-fi and the CTU's. Kick it around for a little while. But this one hurts my feelings because I want to play it. But this game seems like it's in alpha from year 2004 not 2014. It's greatly improved from what it once was. But it needs a couple giant steps to survive in the industry right now.


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