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First you will need Qoo-App= https://www.qoo-app.com/ Download that to your phone. And make an account that is easily done. Next you will need Line= https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...

Make an account with Line and leave yourself logged in on the phone Now head back and open up Qoo-App. In the search look for (Line Paradise Lost) That is the new bleach game. Download and install that. Once you have it installed it's a little moody. So it may crash a few times before it works smoothly.

You need to then from there after you complete the tutorial. Choose the second option then the first option presented to you. And you will be fine to play from there on out. Be sure to keep yourself logged onto Line. Because the game will time out if you don't. This wasn't that bad it was fun actually.


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