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I love Blade and Soul, but here's a list of things I really wish would change.

1. Skip the intro in the Hongmoon Valley if you already completed it.

2. Go back to town after a dungeon or go back dungeon select. After you completed a dungeon.

3. Quest Location Not Lag when you approach it

4. Bots be made to do a questionnaire or test. So they can't sit in queues effectively.

5. Certain Ap's be not allowed in certain dungeons. So low Ap levels can't join Queues unless invited. 

6. More things randomly to do open world. So we don't feel like daily dungeon ninja's.

7. Clothing was a trade skill so we can design our own trade skill clothes.

8. Auto time out bot spammers, so they can't spam chats all day.

9. Allow complete class change, at a expensive cost so it can't be abused. Even offer a free one from quest or special event.
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