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Battle Chasers Nightwar Review

I don't want to call this game of the year. I will call it the best rpg I have seen in awhile. With good (Cliche) characters. And considering this game is inspired by Final Fantasy. I am all in for games like this. 


Music and sound is done very well

Characters are made well you care about them early

Voice acting well done

Final Fantasy atmosphere achieved 100%


A bit too linear you're stuck going in set paths

Loot seems a bit on the stingy side.

Group of characters seems on the low side

Needs more voice acting


I know everyone likes to play before they buy. I would like to say this game is actually worth it. So if you're looking for some retro and new style rpg gameplay. This would be a good time to spend a little.

Battle Chasers Nightwar   Indie Game  

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