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This is another QQ game. Nothing is needed to sign up beyond that. The game does have bugs however, one that is keeping me from playing it correctly. My graphics card in general just isn't supported for it. I'm working on ways around that. Another bug you can bypass is the easiest. When you download the game and install it. Don't start it after the completion. You need to manually download the patches. The launcher just will not do it right if you're in a country outside of china.

Changing the language packs won't help it just will not work. So once you manually downloaded the patches from Here. Make a folder called "Patchs". Place the needed patches into the Patchs folder. Then where ever you installed your game place the Patchs folder inside the TCLS folder. From here for 80% of the world the game will work and patch. If your in the 20% like me you will get the dreaded VFS bug. Which means you're screwed and may not ever play. At least not until they fix the bug causing this.

I did however play for thirty minutes. And from what I played I liked it. Until the game said nope you're too awesome Scion gtfo. And I was never able to play again after that point. Due to the VFS bug. If you guys want a comparison on this game. Think Diablo 2 with martial arts. And you will pretty much have this game pegged. I figured I wouldn't hold onto this video. Just in case I can never play it. So enjoy it's one of the best trailers I seen this year.

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