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Paladin Build
This build is for farming and leveling. It's designed to allow you to go go go. Like an energizer bunny. This build is very fun to use, and you will notice this. It's a throwback to the Holy Fire build I made in Rift. You can see the Rift build here Holy Fire

Same concept behind fighting and keeping moving while be tanky. You won't get steam rolled too by someone trying to gank you. Things to note is the build does have a few weakness. Main one is no real range spammable abilities. But you do have four ways to slow someone down or knock down. Also being that its a buff and armor healing build. You will lack super pop, However, if you have good gear it won't matter. Because I can fight people 5-15 levels higher than me.

Don't think you will be killing 50's no but on the russian server. I did kill someone 50 when I was level 38 in this build. Another weakness is you don't have much stun break. Your defense healing and pally bubble you can pop serve as that protection. At any rate have fun with it. As requested this is the build I've been streaming with.

After 1.2 comes on Alpha you will see my Ninja Build and Crusader Build.

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