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A month ago I made a video on ArcheAge. I basically asked Trion to stop the madness. And put live Gm's into the game to handle bots. It's faster it will slow and sometimes halt bot overruning. It doesn't kill them all. But it does have a noticeable effect. And guess what hours later after I posted that video. They did exactly that. Now people said they did in that past video.

But I never witnessed it myself. Until last night, when I visably seen a GM come online make their presence known. And asked the server to point out all bots. And she went about pimp smacking them offline. That was awesome to see. And the reason I made this video. Because if you're going to lay some blame. You should lay some fame to it too. Good Job on that Trion!

The other side of this video is for the free to play gamers. All hope is not lost for you. In most servers most things cash shop. Are between 5-50g that you would actually need anyway. The 50g mark is universal in my opinion. By level 35-40 you should have that much or even more. If you don't? You have been doing something wrong. But fear not here's what I do. Hope you find it useful.

Most important thing you have is your Labor. Even if it doesn't regen fast non patron. You can do stuff in your favor regardless.

1. Offer your labor for gold. I know plenty of guys who do this for quick gold gain. I've seen someone pay 50g for 5000 labor. Now this is subject to your tradeskill levels. And what the person needs.

2. Buy raw materials and turn them into made materials. This is subject to the market. For example Iron Ore sometimes is almost the same price as Iron Bars. But on the other hand Gold Bars are sometimes drastically more then Gold Ore. Check and see what raw items go cheap. And see what you can make and how much it sells for. I do this with Ore a lot and it works well. 

3. Farm dungeons it's easy especially lower level dungeons. You get items free more than not. Either break them down or sell what you get. Not to mention the bags. It's also a free way to gear well, that doesn't cost you anything gold or labor.

4. Farm ore or wood. I know that's obvious. But here's why I say it anyway. People really don't do it as much as you think. I find a lot now nodes just sit forever. And I'm usually out of Labor so I just walk by profit. I have noticed this for the past two weeks. So I say it again profit is there for you if you want it. Time of day helps too. Since the bots are less active now nodes are abundant.

5. Use the free farm space. I use it why not use it. Free space to provide free profit on trees and fruit. Also plant things that I can get worms for fishing as well. Don't underestimate how useful the free public farm is. I see guys whining about not being able to have a house to farm. Like they can't do it in the public spot. Work hard get money up buy Patron then.

6. Market flip! What i mean by that is buy low sell high. People will welfare price items sometimes. Watch for it snag it repost it. This is another thing you underestimate. You can almost watch it real time in the ore market. Almost wish I had a stock tracker for it.

7. Last thing I'll say is roll in a pack. The real I say this is time is also money. And playing with people you will be less likely to be ganked higher levels. If you have to keep reviving. You obviously are not making money right? So it's better to find a cool guild are a free2player. Who can help you a long. And you can use other peoples land to farm. Once they give you permission that is. To be honest I don't need my own house. Because I'm using chilling in a friends mansion spot.

Hope this all helps you. See you in game unless your name is red to me. Then you gotta die I'll ask questions later.

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