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First I have to thank the Albion team for reaching out and allowing me in. This will be a guide slash review for Albion Online. AO is a simple game, but coming into it you feel a little lost and grindy. It's not as bad as it would seem. You just need a little direction on what to focus on.

On the bottom of the screen the destiny board is your guide. You can choose to do everything solely for the board. Or you can do your own thing at your own pace. In order to progress to better gear you will need to work on your board.

Remember you can make everything on your own with farming. Just figure out what you need and go farm it. Nothing is beyond your reach or understanding. You can also gain silver fast by farming dungeons. Kill the last boss in the dungeon and he drops substantial amount of silver. The longer the boss has been alive the more silver he drops.

The way the game works is pretty much in this flow.





You can do that in any order you like. But your best interests would lie in doing it that way. Being that this game is multi-platformed is also a plus. I can see myself cellphone playing the game. While waiting in a office some where. All I want is a little more PVE action like Diablo. And we might have something sandbox to play in.

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