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Naruto X Boruto: Shinobi Striker and Borutage (How to sign up) Time sensitive

Remember this is time sensitive for the Japanese version of Shinobi Striker.

Naruto X Boruto Borutage https://prereg.bn-ent.net/common/seri... 

Naruto X Boruto Shinobi Striker http://naruto-action.bn-ent.net/speci... 

Press Releases Playlist= https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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Warframe: Storm Files S3/Ep.63 "A vet looks back&Forward for fun"

I have been meaning to do a video like this. I have 100 videos of content no longer up on the net. Of the early years of Warframe. I just wanted to show a little of where we came from. And how we got here the good bad and ugly. It has been 5 long years of Warframe and things have been really bumpy at times. We had a few uncalled for over nerfs and things just not plain working. But to be fair to the creators they have created some of the best moments I have had in gaming. The Second Dream quest was 100% on the top of my list. And the recent fight against the Eidolon in the new open world. Things are looking up for the game, I just hope things continue to progress the way they are.


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MMO Show: Episode 157 Week 10/13/2017 "Rise of the mobile mmo's"

Let's talk about all of the mobile trends. And how they are pretty much mashing all of the pc titles. Right now if you notice on the sales end of things. Mobile titles are doing far superior in terms of membership and money. Compared to pc titles, I really don't think anything can be done to recover. Not that I want any one genre to fail. I just wish PC gaming was more of a focus for MMO. I feel we haven't touched all of the greatness.

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MMO Show: Episode 156 Week 10/6/2017 "When companies go too far"

Another week another show. This week is about fun and putting a company in check. All games listed below appear as such in the video. With us ending it off sounding off on PubG for whining.

Transformers Online 


Luna Online 


Black Desert Online 

Hyper Universe 

Final Fantasy 14 

Kritika Online 

Ashes of Creation 


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Bleach Online 50 Dollars In Free Items (Act Fast)

You need to move quickly this will not last long only 1000 keys exist

Keys are running out

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Bleach Online Muramasa Zanpaktu and Cute Orihimie

Cute Orihime

She is pretty good and a major boost to your party. She is currently 150usd in the lease event. It's annoying but worth it and not as pricey as other characters.

Muramasa Zanpaktu

Muramasa is a beast of a Zanpaktu that is usually 500usd. It is half that price for the Anniversary event at 250 so I had to take advantage of that. The sword attacks Assaulters and Supporters, and is a good compliment to supporter build groups.

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Bleach Online: Character Choices From Level 0-120

Bleach Online Character Choices From Level 0-120
Just for you guys fresh from your requests in videos. I decided to show you my path I'd use for leveling to 120.

Granted video above is my opinion you don't have to 100% follow it.

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Revelations Online Flying For Fun

I was playing Revelations normally. But then I got tired of questing and couldn't find a dungeon group. I decided to take to the skies and look around. No commentary for this only music and nice scenery. I discovered something more so in AION. Flight in this game really doesn't need to be there. It's cool that it is there because a lot of world is out there to see. I just wish it was more used. Instead of something that looks like it was added on top of the game. 

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Black Desert: Ep.10 "My first real mount"

I wanted to just mess around for this EP. And show off my new mount. It's a freebie so it's not really anything serious. But mount travel in the game looks fluid and fun. My only issue is my character sits too high on the horse. It well looks really uncomfortable to watch. Mainly when certain animations kick in. I look forward to finding some of the rarer horses out there.

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