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Battle Chasers Nightwar: First Impressions

Battle Chasers Nightwar Review

I don't want to call this game of the year. I will call it the best rpg I have seen in awhile. With good (Cliche) characters. And considering this game is inspired by Final Fantasy. I am all in for games like this. 


Music and sound is done very well

Characters are made well you care about them early

Voice acting well done

Final Fantasy atmosphere achieved 100%


A bit too linear you're stuck going in set paths

Loot seems a bit on the stingy side.

Group of characters seems on the low side

Needs more voice acting


I know everyone likes to play before they buy. I would like to say this game is actually worth it. So if you're looking for some retro and new style rpg gameplay. This would be a good time to spend a littl

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Raiders of the Broken Planet: First Impressions

The game is super fun. And has some story production value. The characters are pretty cool as well. It reminds me closely to Metal Gear Solid and Destiny. Maybe a little too unforgiving early game. If you have a bit of patience the game will reward you.


Nice graphics and character designs

Tight action and gameplay

Very cinematic and set's the tone right

Looks and acts like a triple A title


Wait times are a bit high right now

No real single-player mode beyond the tutorial

Limited content to play if you don't buy a character or content pack

Enemy AI is super aggressive early game.


This game came out of nowhere and has a lot of potential. We may have an issue with limited content early. That may turn people off and needs to be addressed. Beyond that, this game

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YouTubers Clicker: First Look

What exactly just happen is I don't know. But yea I had YouTubers on file and I clicked a bunch of times. And almost broke my finger.....This is a truly strange game. I've been told this is an actual mini genre called "Clickers". I don't know if this is really a thing. I will say that this game managed to fatigue down my finger in 30 minutes. Pain aside this game is supposed to emulate you running a YouTube Network. The purpose is get more profitable so each time you actually click its worth more money. And that is pretty much all you do in this game. 

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Injustice 2: Android Debut Potential Greatness

With the main game coming out the 16th. We got an early look at things in the world of Injustice 2. The android version is actually pretty close to the real game. Right down to the gear system and the cut scenes. 


A nice and simple combo system

All characters present from the main game

Voice acting is pretty good

A lot of systems and deep questing 


The game is massive most phones can't handle this my Samsung relatively new could not.

AI doesn't seem to get any smarter several hours into the game

Some systems seem heavily pay2win influenced (Conquest) way too easily manipulated

No real multiplayer


This could be the next collectible game to catch fire. Beyond that, we have seen this game the past two years. It's almost a clone of the recent Mortal

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Party Hard 2: Alpha 1 Gameplay Reactions

Main Site

This is an outright crazy game. It is in 8-bit format so that will throw you off to the phone inside. Think the game postal in a night club and you pretty much have this game in a nutshell. You can only play the first level of the demo freely. So anyone can jump in and try it out. Really nothing else to say about it other than trying it for yourself.

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My Hero Academia Smash Tap: JP How to play it and a surprise ending

You first need bluestacks= http://www.bluestacks.com/#gref
Once its installed log in with Gmail on Google play

Then you will need QooApp= https://apps.qoo-app.com/en

From here you will need to again log into Qooapp with your Gmail account

On the main page of QooApp you just need to hit the first tab games. You will see My Hero trending. The download button is in English. From there it will install. The rest you can easily take care of from there. Good luck have fun gaming 

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Blast Breaker: Android Mobile Gameplay

Blast Breaker seems like a game that was released too soon. Even with that, it does have cool aspects to it. If you're used to being led on a string to fight. The rough state is why the pro's are so slim this time.


Easy to use combo system

Easy to understand system


Ads for everything to do things like SAVE in the game. I have never seen such BS in my life.

Bosses hit a little hard for beginning zones. Better learn to block fast or die.

AI is really not all that great needs another look


This game is not ready and seems rushed. It needs at least two more cycles of production. 

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Demon Blood: New Browser MMORPG

Demon Blood Main Site

Demon Blood is a game made by OAgames same people who produce Naruto Online. This is a browser shooter mmo, it plays extremely fast and smooth considering it's platform. It has some interesting characters to use including one that is a clone of Wonder Woman.


Fast gameplay and instances

Easy game to get into

Very giving game a lot of free items

Cameo appeareances from characters in other games


Character customization is non existant

Music is broken or bad most of the time

auto run seems broken sometimes it's better to do it yourself


I'm not sure what they're going for in this game. It does seem interesting because I like arcade shooters. If you guys like games like Contra and Ikari Warriors give it a shot.


If you like MMO's sub to the channel Scionstormtv

If you like Destiny the game sub to LadyLegacy

Want to be a Youtuber like me?Join Sc

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League of Maidens: Reaction and Thoughts

When I was contacted to take a look at this game. I didn't know what to expect and it was a nice surprise on a busy Thursday. This game has the looks and mechanics to be a really fun game. It's still early in the process for them as things are right now I'm interested.

Game Features

- FPS style shooting and projectile attacks - 3rd person melee fighting with combo ability and combo counters - Human flight at the speed of sound - Swimming and car/truck driving - Lifting and flying with cars/trucks - Grabbing enemies while flying at high speed and smashing them into the ground or buildings - Two different character versions that can be customized and swapped during live gameplay. - Indoor and outdoor combat - Real time stragetic battle choices - Building and environment destruct
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Revelation Online: Wardrobe Function

Just thought I give you guys a look at this. Some nice fun and sexy clothes going on.
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