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Blade and Soul: Starting over praise for streamline

I know some don't like this change. I, however, think it's a pretty good change. No, I don't like the skill changes. But we will talk about that another day. For now, let's talk about starting over in Blade and Soul. Most quests are streamlined, you really don't have to stray far from anything. And stick to the story for the most part. The game will provide you with all you need. The one key exception to that. Is you will be killing far fewer mobs. So upgraded trinkets are harder in this version of the game. Mainly because you just don't have enough materials. SO learning trade skills and where to farm money. Will help you out there and keep you on track. 

Being that things are faster and you have more storyline quest to do. This sets you up better freely for going into end game. This lowers the amount of woefully ill-equipped players going into dungeons. It won't magically make people good at dungeons. But at least they will be able to do some kind of damage. In

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Bleach Brave Souls: Returning to chase that new Ichigo

Slowly but surely this game has built up a very strong gameplay experience. This past week the game has added a new version of Ichigo. This is my adventures of trying to go after him. Chad, Uryu and Bankai Ichigo also were added so good luck. A new banner was also added right as them moment. I'll take a look at that one after I get Ichigo.

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Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross Review

One of my favorite games on Android. Cost you pretty much nothing to progress in it. I will be honest I do not like the VIP system. It's a bit overpowering.


Ability to play long periods of time

Raiding and playing with friends

Easy to understand gameplay

Reliving Kingdom Hearts Lore


Vip system is really handcuffing

The game lags most phones

Events for free2play seems lacking

Controls appear to loose with no way to adjust it.


This game has highs and lows. It could really be something if they balance out VIP. Too much is stacked into that with little given on the free side. You can completely play without VIP. The problem with the VIP is it's too overpowering.

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Black Desert: Comeback Game of 2017?

A lot of people complained whined and fussed. That didn't stop this game from progressing. With it all said and done Black Desert has done with ESO did. Made a major comeback and got extremely fun. This is also a look at the current store and exclusives inside of it.

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Naruto Mobile CN: Teen Temari

Temari is a monster in this game. She is kind of a monster in the show as well. I got her from an event two weeks ago. She is well worth you guys picking her up. Those of you that have ventured into playing in China.

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Kingdom Hearts Union X Cross: How to play it on your pc 100% (Android devices method)

After looking around a long time. I could not find a valid working method to play on pc for two weeks. Finally, after trial and error, I found this method.
For it you will need Vysor you can get it here= https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vysor/gidgenkbbabolejbgbpnhbimgjbffefm?hl=en-US

Vysor allows you to play Kingdom Hearts from your Cellphone or Tablet Android devices. You can freely use your keyboard and mouse.
Vysor is free with ads. But in order to get the best quality, it is 2usd a month. Or 10usd a year. I find it worth it because I'm a KH fan.
The only downfall to this is the only sound you get is on the device. It does not come through the program.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Getting hype trailer

Little known to people is how good ESO. Has gotten the last year, it's clearly number 3 with Final Fantasy 14 and World of Warcraft locked in the number 1 battle. To be honest no one else is even close enough to be considered 4 at this point. People can have their fan favorites. Really Blade and Soul, Black Desert, Neverwinter, Revelation Online are all in the same boat. It's a choice of whatever you like none of them are breaking records. If Elder Scrolls can make stable pvp battlegrounds. And actually, incorporate all its previous games lore; Morrowing, Skyrim and the other games. 

You might see Elder Scrolls overtake FF14 and WoW for number one. A number of gamers that play Elder Scroll games worldwide. Far exceeds what WoW and FF14 can muster. So the chance is there it's a big if. One that may happen we need this to happen. It would force Blizzard to stop rehashing and innovate. And force Square Enix to do what we really want. A true FF7 MMO like game. A lot of

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Naruto Mobile: Shizune C Ranked

She isn't that bad, sometimes C ranked characters really suck. She has a very good move set. We're still waiting on an American announcement for this game. You can play it now no problem I'll link to that here. If you want to pvp actively you will need a Chinese VPN. That I don't advise anyone on. Because it really depends on where you live. Even with a VPN that will only improve things not make it 100% great.

Shizune Rank C

Default Skill= Is short and floaty. Pretty much you need to time it and move in. No spamming and winning, you will miss and get punished.

First Light Damage Attack= She jumps and throws out Kunai. It rains out and once she starts it has a little super armor. So she won't be knocked out of it. One key thing to note is Super moves can knock you out of it.


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Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Live Review

This is one of the most underrated games in the mobile market. You get a lot of value and worth in gameplay.


You can play this game freely all day every day. Without ever needing to spend anything

Characters are true to the anime and manga form.

A lot of events to play and do

Music is really good for an Android game


It's weird to say but maybe too much to do.

Some of the voice actings is out of synch on scenes

Getting gear is harder than getting really good characters

More team play would make things even better.


The only other game I felt you had a lot of worth in. Was Kingdom Hearts Unchained. I know this is saying a lot but this is most likely the best free2play game on Android. But don't take my word try it out and see for yourself. You have no feeling

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Moon Fall: Live Review Let's Do This.


I would like to thank the Moonfall team. They reached out to me and gave me the chance to check out this cool retro styled game.

If you like Zelda and Castlevania games. This game may be exactly the type of getaway game you need.


Quick pacing in the game. Gets you right into the action

Loot in the game seems on point. A lot of useful things early game

The retro feel takes me back to my Super Nintendo days. That is actually a good thing.

Music in later stages starts to get epic


The beginning of the game is a little hard for no reason

Finding where to go is frustrating at times

Hit detection is really bad in your favor and against you

Some bosses one shot out of nowhere.


The game is worth its price 9usd. I had a lot of fun doing a live revie

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