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Black Desert: Mystic Love (Creating Tifa Lockhart)

I tried to capture the complete essence of Tifa. The hair was impossible to do, but I think I completely got her face. Also showing off the gameplay a little. The mystic by far is one of the more fun character classes. Don't forget you get a lot of free items for leveling up the Mystic class. So take full advantage of all of these items.


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Allods Online: Character Creation/New Server fair server and increased exp

Main Site

Allods by far is a WoW clone. The funny thing is it's the second best clone next to Rift. So I decided to start over on the new server. That is being kept fair and balanced. The same way ArcheAge did with their new server. I also decided to check out the new customization. Being this is a free game I found no hurt in checking it out once more. Since pay2win won't be a thing on the new server.

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Quake Champions: Will It Work?

I remember years ago the fun I had in Quake. Starting out in this version of Quake. Memories flooded back like they were being stolen back to me. The only downside to all of this is. Going back into this game isn't quite what I remembered. Main reason is the connection issues. And classes seem to be a little uneven. Thankfully it is not even close to being a released product. They have time to fix it all. As of right now, it's really hard to enjoy the game.

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MMO! Show: Episode 151 Weeks 4/7&4/14/2017 "The Catch and the switch"

Coming in now Bi-weekly I take a look at the following this week.

MXM Closed Beta an entire month

Skyforge goes to console

Blade and Soul goes generalized

Black Desert going to graphic

New Bleach Online coming

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Revelation Online: What class to pick

Starting out most MMO's the rule of thumb. Is get the trade skills people need. And go after the classes most used. These are usually the tank and healer classes. Also anyone who can hybrid those roles work as well.

Vanguard= Vanguard maybe the best thing to pick. The reason being not many people make tanks on purpose. And it's not too glamorous.

Spirit Shaper= Healer! of course, this would be second on the list. The reason it's not first is because in this game it is glamorous and cute. So theirs really not a shortage of them. 

Occultist= The resident dps slash healer class. This is third because it has a popular emo look. Very flashy skills plus it can fill 3 roles. Crowd control, Dps, Healer.

Swordmaster= Gets fourth because it can do both dps and tank. Takes a bit of skill

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Revelation Online: Current Store Conditions

The latest store addition brings in some useful items to be used. It maybe a little too overwhelming and pay to win. I can see people raging hard at these new packs. The store was right down the middle on pay2win and casual now its just plain too much,

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Naruto Online Updates 1/19/2017 Rune Stone System, Ninja School, and Lucky Stars

1. A new function called "Rune Stone" has been added, it can be found in the "Strengthen" interface. Moreover, you can explore the Mysterious Cave to get precious relics! Pack up your luggage and set out now!
Event Period: Jan 19th after the maintenance
Requirements: Players must have reached Level 48 in order to participate.

How to:
a)    Open the Mysterious cave by clicking the icon:

b) Explore the Mysterious Cave to get Rune Stones and other treasures.  Rune Stones have 5 categories, which are: Initiative Rune Stone, Critical Attack Rune Stone, Injury Rune Stone, Control Rune Stone, Combo Rune Stone; each stone has 5 levels. Low Level Rune Stones can be synthesized into High Level Rune Stones.

c) Each day, the Mysterious Cave can be explored once for free. Free
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Gamdias Hermes Lite&Erebos 2 Review


The product in all is a good buy. If you like fast accurate typing keyboards? This one is for you and I love the glow in the dark aspect. The mouse is smooth and works like you expect. In all I like the Keyboard especially for playing in low light situations. It also made me learn to type a little bit faster. As well learn how to be better at accurate typing. Fast keyboards don't give you room for error, with that said you plenty of customization. It's a nice intro bundle in the Gamdias product line. Click the link above to explore this and more hardware by Gamdias.

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Black Desert: Berserker Awakening Cannon Fist&Updates

So September 28th marks our day for the Berserker Awakening. The promo video isn't that bad. Wish it was a little longer and more lore in it though. Not too many changes beyond more drops in world. And the revamp of under water starting. Let me know anywhere I should visit under water guys. I don't think Berserker will be OP because it's not a issue in Korea. Tamers are actually more annoying in Awakening mode to me. So it's nice that this class gets it's glory

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Blade and Soul: Practice your craft/Latest cash shop/#Normalize Whirlwind

Just my thoughts and the weekly update. If you're struggling with dps sometimes just beating up the dummy works. Get used to muscle memory and moving around attacking.
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