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Skyforge Tarlen Aquifer Dungeon Tips&Fun

Did my damn thing in this dungeon it was fun. Decided I'd drop a little tips on you. And a nice beat for you guys from Sparks. Shown from a low prestige point of view. Higher levels it won't matter as much, and by then you should already know this stuff anyway.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Warrior of Light - Ep.9 Halatali Fun

Progressing the story a long. I know I know very slowly I stumble upon Halatali. And decided now's a good time to check it out. This dungeon was the fastest I tanked. All the bosses I just had encountered and could learn fast. So one would say this was a very streamlined dungeon. A nice one to have under the belt.

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Final Fantasy XIV: "Warrior of Light" Ep.8 "Copperbell Dungeon"

Another story mode dungeon by far the smoothest one yet. Copperbell was fun and looked great. This was so smooth I decided to kick it with you guys and discuss upcoming patches.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Warrior of Light - Ep.7 Tam Tara Dungeon&Scion Gets Serious

Noticing I was lacking last episode I got my training montage on. And this time was drastically better and easier. I leveled up all my trade skills Armorer, Blacksmith and Mining. After that I headed into Tam Tara the second dungeon in FFXIV. 

The dungeon itself is straight forward. You have one real boss at the end. And four mini bosses before that one boss. The trash in this dungeon is easily CC'd and tanked down. You should have no issues here.

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Rift: Hanging Out At 60 Ep.9 Infinity Gate Raid Downed In 3 days

This week we have congrats for Addiction and Legit. For taking down Volan in the new Infinity Gate raid. It was only out a few days and its already poof for them. You can see the full fights in the links below or click the buttons in the video

Addiction Full Volan Fight
Legit Full Volan Fight

Also covered this week the new hair styles. Some yay some nay some wtf is this. But it's all good customization is always welcome.

Rift is far from dude don't believe forum dooms dayers. I discuss that and why I still cover Rift.
Conquest 3.0 uh no just scrap it altogether. If the map isn't going to mean anything. Holding land should be more important then anything else. The purpose of a Conquest PVP is to conquest land. Not trample to it and leave it to be trampled by another. Just so you can trample back to it. That's just a swap meet. 

Class balance/Hyrbids it can be done. But talents need to have dual meanings. And have things only activate, when used in certain builds.

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Warframe: The Storm Files 19 "Prestige Blues"

Watch Episode 18

This run was pretty bad ass until........The Unbelievable happen. It was like in slow motion like one of those nba commercials. Where they say "Where this Happens". I was thinking "Only in Warframe where THIS happens".

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Rift: Great Hunt Sunday When Boredom Strikes

You can chalk this one up to grinding or chalk it up to boredom. Or even chalk it up to lemme see if i can record even when laggy. Either way you get a fun little video of me in a raid group taking on Great Hunts for fun. It's the fastest way you can earn Planar Levels at the moment. But it does get boring after awhile even if you act totally silly while doing it. Hell gotta find fun anyway you can.

Although this is just for fun I do have a purpose in this. Remember back when it was fun to PA level? Back when Ember Island first burst on the scene. Back when instant adventure was well a little fun. Now it's so wack you barely see more then 5 people in them. I think a little love to IA is needed. It's like the game is a few tweaks away from being epic. And it's stuck in ehh I'll take it mode.

While we are on something that needs love. Let's talk about Conquest and the pain it turned into. What happen to that once upon a time it used to be hilarious and fun. Now it's run to a point z

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Guild Wars 2: World Boss Karka Queen Invades Southsun/Living Story Southsun Conclusion

A quick look how to on how to fight the Karka Queen. And what not to do as a server on her lol.......She is easy and will net you a nice account bound chest. Not as climatic of a fight as I wanted but I'll take it.

This is the end of the scheme Canach's had in place. You basically lead a caravan to a dock and unexpected events go down.

Both of these events were time unlocked and a part of last weeks big patch.

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Warframe: The Storm Files 14 "Stalker Comes To Play"

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So I'm here doing a mission. And all of a sudden this black and red blur slides by me. And I'm like wtf is that until it hits me for half my shield lol. Then I realized ohhhh your the Stalker from the patch notes. The fight just begins from there and gets interesting.

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Super Adventure Box World 2 Zone 1

Watch the Previous Zones Here= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auxCU0dbVn0

The zone was very easy.The camera and buggy ledges made it harder then it should of been that's but all though

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