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Blade and Soul: Forcemaster Beam Paladin Build

I wanted to take the time to show the build I use updated. I consider this a range Paladin like class build. It's what I use This build is meant to be competitive&flexible. So if you end up in a bad team you can will your way to a complete victory. Or be
able to succeed in less than favorable situations.

Build Link

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Rift: Holy Fire Shaman Build

Calc Link

Updated 1/7/2016

This is a repost because I can't fix the original posts. Because emo kids got it closed. But whatever, I was asked to do it over again by community members. Because a few things happen. I found a better use for some points. After using the build for a couple of weeks. Being super successful with it I found over healing. So that just means I got to have more fun in use of points. But I'll get to that later.
================================================== ======================
The Build

This is the Holy Fire Shaman Build and guide to understanding why I made it. It's 61sham/8Puri/7Justicar which comes with a lot of synergy. At first this was my melee farm build. But a funny thing happen while playing it. As you can see in the solo Queens Gambit run. I made elites look like they were lvl 10 mobs. And it's actually fun to do rather then using my range counterpart.

Now the reason for this build is I dislike druids. And I like even less relying on a pet to h

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Rift: The Lawbringer Build

Updated 1/7/2016

Calc Build

Originally I wasn't going to ever post this build. But I was convinced to do so by a event of bullying I witnessed on a minor. The kid asked me nicely and people flamed him in my favor. I felt bad stuff like that kids don't need. So I contacted him personally on Google and linked him the build video privately yesterday. Well people who are sneaky noticed the video sitting private on my channel lol...So here is said video and guide a long with it.
================================================== =====================
The Build

Souls involved in this build are something you maybe already comfortable. 
Inquisitor 61 inq, Purifier 8 , and 7 Justicar

Which is the same set up as Holy Fire save swapping Shaman for Inquisitor. So you can use the same tactics with purifier and Justicar components. However things change with combining components of Inquisitor.
================================================== =====================
61 Inq

Really no reason once

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Warframe: Ember Prime Fire Rage Build

I wanted to show you guys a balanced Warframe build with Ember. She is a lot better now and you can make some great use of her. Pretty much with this build you can control a fighting area.

You just need to get Firequake the faction mod for Ember's world on fire ultimate. This makes her attack knock down who ever it hits. You can combine that with the Sonicor that you see me using. And have the fear howling Kubrow out for ever more CC control. This makes Ember Prime incredibly CC and almost untouchable.

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Marvel Heroes Spider Man QOL Update+Webslinger Build

Spider got a big time buff and is extremely fun to use now. Check out the changes and the build.


It's time for one friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to receive a design update!

For Spidey, we wanted to focus on not only bringing his mechanics and general layer count into 2015, but take advantage of new tech we've created in the last year to improve his animations and visuals, such as Venom's new dynamic web attachment.

A special thanks to many players from the Spidey community who banded together to provide us with an incredibly detailed feedback write up earlier this year.


  • Spidey Pummel (REVAMPED) has been converted into a three-hit combo attack with an all-new animation and is no longer a basic. The power now deals bonus damage based on Spidey's dodge rating.

  • Arachnid Assault (NEW) - A new cooldown power for melee Spider-Man players can be found in the Crimefighter tree. Inspired by comic panels that utilize silhouettes to show Spidey's agility

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Revelations Online New Cash Shop Items

Revelations is a smexy game. Yes I know that's not a word but follow me. The cash shop was updated recently. So I took the time to check it out and show it off. To my shock and pleasure the shop isn't p2w much. A few items are a bit over the top like boosters. But I can look the other way on those.

The main thing I like is they aren't slacking on adding items. I know some of you still can't play. So let me help you out in that department. I'm going to list a bunch of ways to get in. Although some of it is beyond the due date. I've been told keys still exist out there to be taken. So don't give up if all else fails. I can tell you the 100% way to do it. But that will take time.

You can use this link to learn how to make an account.

Now once you have an account. And grown accustom to the site. You can earn log in points. After awhile you will force your way into a key. Because you built up enough points. Another way to do it and I'm sorry to say this late. Is join the game when new

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Guild Wars 2: Guardian Paladin 3.0

Calc Build Link= http://full.sc/1c4F57a

Ok next up on the build tour is redoing Paladin 2.0. And explaining what I use the original for and what I use 3.0 for now. What you will notice is I abandoned AH. Because it isn't being buffed, and is falling more behind. So no reason to hang onto it anymore for now. This build is mainly for WvW/Support however in fractals it works ok too. But I wouldn't use it there. Look to my new Holy Fire Guardian Build for that. No it won't be condition damage.

But if you find yourself favoring being damage/support type of guy. This is a fun way to do it and be a total pain in the ass. It has a lot of flexibility. You can go Aoe healing, Condition Removal, Damage Buffer, or WvW tank/Fractal Tank. Without ever needing to head back to the trainer. When I'm bored and want to roam WvW this is how I roll. Also when I want to be front line. But want the skill to judge the situation and change on the fly. I like game play like that so that's what this is based

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Rift Hanging at 60 Ep.12 Unification Servers Patch Day

First off I wanted to add a site you should look out for called "Rift Progress." I didn't get to add this one in my community post. So to make up for that they got the first 3 minutes of this post. This site lets you know who is the top progressing guilds. Nice things like World's Firsts and progression kills. Most guilds have website links so check them out.

Rift Progress= http://www.topofrift.com/

The other half of this weeks episode. I took a look at if the times in queue went down overall. And I'm happy to report even in off hours queue times are down overall. Instant adventure actually looks a little like it's glory days. With added people joining in on it. PVP is almost instant queue at the moment. A lot more events are being done for now as well. However dungeon times from what I seen still are rather long. But atleast now the queue will pop before you log for the night.

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Guild Wars 2: COF Oracle Elementalist Build 2.0

Once again it's on. And this time it's on with the Oracle 2.0 Build I made for my elementalist. Of course this is the character I made which is the star of the COF series on my channel. She has been sitting idle for a long time. But things are about to change with her. 

This build is mainly used for PVE. But it's incredibly fun in wvw and pvp. You have almost full power. Nice defense and some healing to compliment you. I plan on upgrading her fully so you can see the full power in action soon.

Calc Build:

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Rift Holy Fire Shaman Build

Holy Fire Shaman= http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#lk...


Another day another build for the peeps. This one is one of my favorites to just horse around with. I call it my Holy Fire Shaman build. It's 61sham/8Puri/7Justicar which comes with a lot of synergy. Now I'll say again yea I know it's not top dps. And I don't care it's a for fun farming build. You can use it for whatever including dungeons and pvp. I wouldn't suggest it unless you just want to do something different.


Now the reason for this build is I dislike druids. And I like even less relying on a pet to heal me. They work fine in dungeons wtc for support. But I just don't like them anywhere else. So that leaves me with shaman. A melee dps powerhouse with little to no defenses “Sigh”. Well until I came up with this.


I went 8 Purifier to go after a few things. Healing flare is a fast cheap spammable heal. But put that together with, Caregiver's Blessing and Sign of Wrath. You have a fast ch

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