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Arche Age Begins: CBT Android MMO

Main Site Page

I find myself saying this a lot now. Every game that comes out on Android now. Manages to be a step above the previous games. This maybe the most polished game out yet. The game does well to tell a story in a mobile game. That is always lacking in these types of games. And the combat seems more fun that you want to control it. The music in this game is also a step above generic. Stay tuned for this one.

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Hyper Universe: Closed Beta Fun

The wave of games is just coming in on us in June. Hyper Universe is a great MOBA ARPG coming that is in CBT. I wanted to originally do a complete CBT review. Once I started the game I realized how much the game is missing. From the Korean version of the game. I played the CBT in Korea and it had a great deal more characters and modes available. So I'm going to refrain from doing any sort of major review on this version of the game.

This is an Action MOBA platformer. Player skill comes more into the fold in a game like this. The ability to move and position yourself is a major factor in winning. Minion waves exist as the standard for an MOBA. You have lanes and ladders to change levels and lanes. You also have mini bosses like MOBA's as well. This game also has a story and PVE elements like MXM. You can earn parts and skins for characters there. In all this game is another interesting game we can hop into coming later this year.

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Secret World Legends: Character Creation and Gameplay

So Secret World Legends has restarted from the original Secret World game. You may ask why and a few other questions? The main reason I'm assuming would be to focus on what the game is good at. And that is story combined with character growth and lore. So now the game is more of an ARPG and less of an MMO. I don't mind either way as long as I can play with friends. So from here I'll show you the new character creation from head start. And the gameplay after that, some new areas have been added.

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Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni: First Impressions

Main Site

This game is super fan service. But as you go deeper into this game. You will find an actual fun fighting system.


Fun fighting system skill based

Cute characters with a little personality

Anime based game so craziness becomes addicting

Armor breaking I don't even have to say more


The story is way too ridiculous for me

So combos they expect you to do are weird

Some characters make you cringe

The game seems to need more characters that are different


Ok, the minute I cut this game on. In my head, I said this is going to be bad. The combat is pretty much Devil may cry and Nier in one game. That saves you from the average story and breast overload everywhere. Not that it will bother some people. I know others come to play a game and have fun. You can

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Drifting Lands: Creative new shooter/arpg/action game

Steam Launch Page

Blending the intense combat of shmup gameplay with the freedom of ARPG-style character progression, Drifting Lands defies genre conventions to create a new style of action game. As a pilot fighting for survival in the skies of a shattered planet, you need a ship made to your specifications and style. Choose from three classes of ships, customize your arsenal with 60 different types of skills, upgrade your stats, and use the gear looted from battle to build the ship that's right for you.


Alot of loot for a combat shooter

Music is awesome at times

Game runs super smooth

Retro feel with new age graphics


Seems like the game could use voice acting

Some powers seem a bit useless 

A little better enemy Ai on trash mobs

The game seems dry outside of t

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Awesomenauts: Jump in there

Awesomenauts Link Page

Awesomenauts is a side-scrolling MOBA that has fast gameplay. Not much thought needs to go into pregame. All of the bases of the game happens on the fly. 


Easy to get into gameplay

A nice number of characters to use

Side scrolling action is fast and fun for MOBA

Pretty good music and sounds


Some characters are a bit broken in use

AI is not the brightest star in the sky

Lacking modes so far could use at least 4-5 more

More items are needed in the store


I like MOBA's that are fast. This is certainly a fast game with interesting characters. You can look forward to wasting a little time in the game. This is a free2play game so there is no harm in trying this game out for kicks.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is worth playing!

Restarting I'm enjoying playing the game. Let's discuss a bit if you guys are having fun as well. The game was completely packed a bit of lag here and there. Nothing too serious beyond Palace of the dead not working. I always take stock of how the community acts. During patches and expansions. And I have to say FFXIV isn't toxic at all. With the new additional classes Samurai and Red Mage. To go along with tons of new story and raiding. We should be having a lot of fun for the next two years.

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Blade and Soul: Gearing up Part 2

Gearing up after the storyline is fairly easy. The game gives you a lot of what you need in your daily quest. The rest of the games gearing as we get more patches. Has become progressively easier and more streamlined to understand.

1. Daily dungeons drops items for your Legendary weapon. Make sure without fail you do these every day.

2. MSP Weekly raid drops items you can farm your Legendary Soul Shield for.

3. Celstrial Basin also drops items and worth farming as well.

4. Group high end raids and dungeons are there of course. You will need a good group or guild for those

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Battleborn: Should you play it free2play

I am currently away birthday and E3 at the same time yes! As for Battleborn, it has gone free2play sort of. Let's talk about that and it's it worth playing now?

Should you play it?

In short answer form yes because it's free2play. But only the pvp side of the game. That consist of four modes with 6 rotating characters available for you. Meaning you will only have these characters for one week. Pretty similar to how Paladins operates. The pve side of the game will not be available to you. Some would say who cares because people didn't like it anyway. I truly think its the strength of the game. So we will see how the public over time takes this. I do suggest you come into the game and give it a shot.

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Planet of Heroes: Android Moba

I had a lot of fun in this one. It's fast and to the point. Just the way I like my Moba's.


Fast moba action

Characters are interesting

Music isn't bad for an android game


Wait times are a bit long

Limited amount of characters

Not alot of customization


If you need a quick get in there get out game. Have fun with this one, don't take it too serious

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