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Ragnarok Journey: First Look

Honestly in concept the game looks interesting. But in reality its more of the same browser MMO's we have. I wish I could even expand on that but really that's all their is to this game. Simply put this is a quester browser game. That you do the same things over and over and over. The End.

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Naruto Online: How to play on Chinese Naruto Online (Updated)

I needed to redo this video and article. Due to the aging of the original version. Too many questions come from it. And now TGP doesn't work for every region. This new way anyone from any country can safely make an account. The links below are for reference and ease to make things easier.

QQ Account Sign up= https://ssl.zc.qq.com/en/index.html
Naruto Online China Mainpage= http://huoying.qq.com/main.shtml
China Launcher= http://dldir1.qq.com/box/QQmicrogameb...
How to play in Taiwan= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRmBC...

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Paladins: Should you play it?

Paladins is certainly a game you should look out for. Any time a game is free and it's similar to another game. In this case, Overwatch is the game Paladins is like. However, customization makes the game a bit ahead on head to head play. You can make builds and have fun being different.


Ability to make dedicated builds (Awesome)

Fun Hero classes 

Gunplay seems tight

Cash shop is done correctly


Needs more heroes 

Forever stuck in Overwatches shadow

PVE mode is horrible do not go in there

Needs more modes to round out gameplay


For a free game you can't go wrong. It has everything you need for pvp gameplay. And it's easy to build up in-game currency to get whatever you want in the game. So you can have a casual time and be out.

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Kamihime Project: First Look

You hear it time and time again. Sex sells and not only does it sell. But it moves people to play things they wouldn't otherwise play. With that said I'm glad I tried it because I like things like team combos and group synergy.


Team based supers I love those

Plenty of free characters to start with

A lot of spoken dialogue for a browser game

Music is that bad when its all said and done.


AI doesn't seem to fight back alot

A very slow start up to this game. You need to play a bit for it to get interesting

Males do appear in this game but appear really weird and hentai looking

The cliff for game toughness appears like a mountain. Nothing eases you into things getting stronger.


The game is actually fun but suffers from smooth transitions in levels. You stomp on

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Sword of Shadows: First Look Review Android BlueStacks

I'm not that convinced at this one. Seems a lot of on rails type of gameplay. Even with that we still have to break it down.


Fast travel even though it's super comical

Nice animation on fighting

Classes seem different and fun

Storyline based questing


You're on rails you can hardly move elsewhere

Hilarious long pathing just to go somewhere

Music is pretty off sometimes and doesn't match the area playing

The camera does what it wants sometimes.


I'm not too impressed by this game. However with the Age of Wushu base and settings. It can grow into a better game over time.

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Marvel Future: Fight Another Look

Another look and this time the game really caught my eye. With a number of cool characters and freebies you can get.


Large Assortment of characters

Plenty of incentives to playing the game

Story line is interesting some of it even voiced

ARPG tight controls this is hard to do on a mobile platform


The shop is on the pay2win side. Maybe too easily influenced

Some boss AI is pretty bad

Later instances use chain stun lock to beat you. (Super cheesy)

Some character animations are a bit glitchy


This can be a solid time waster and fun. You shouldn't take it too seriously. The character builds however can really get in depth. So this would satisfy your Diablo on the go itch.

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MMO! Show: Episode 150 Week 3/23/2017 "The truth and reality of Free2play"

Just my thoughts on the free to play phenomenon. And how it completely doesn't end well in most cases if at all. I hope more and more people figure it out. And we force companies to do the right thing. And not the fast easy get a buck and bail way.

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Naruto Online: American Events 3/23/17 Curious Events

Ok so now it's three weeks of events that were average or better. However one thinks is it already too late at this point? I truthfully hope not I never want to see anything fail. Especially when I like the product. This does go a long way into helping things out. I also took a look at China's Events which were even more interesting.

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Revelation Online: More Quick Tips and helpful hints

More hints and tricks to help you along. Most of these things will get you riches and make your life easier. And all of it is stuff I wish I knew faster in China. Pay attention to these topics it makes the game a lot simplier.

1. L button take advantage of it

2. 45 Misty Hallow Dungeon Quest Explanation

3. Taking advantage of factions

4. Understanding Demon Slayer Points

5. Knowing the T Button and Dungeons Queuing

6. Unlocking Crafting and Farming

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MMO's Looking Ahead and why I quit majority of the current genre's

Here's a look at the new games coming. Why the current genre is pretty much dead? And my thoughts on it all because we seem at a creative stand still. Plenty of games are trying however to be different. You have Crowfall, Dark and Light, and Ashes of Creation. Making some good looking attempts and advances.

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