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Mobius Final Fantasy: Mobius welcomed me back with YouTube luck

My return back into the game got me extreme luck. And I found out how strong the female class is. Super welcome back Mobius game gave me. I ended up getting the banner job from the summons. The Esmeralda job is a super strong female job just introduced I was blessed enough to pull first try.

She is considered a mage job. And she is very stylish feature a fan like blade weapon. This is a nice departure from the constant male jobs we are bombarded with. So all you female gamers out there have a nice alternative to play with.

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Black Desert Online: Killing the Black Witch&How to find her and other bosses

I like events like this so I wanted to put this together. So people can easily farm the Black Witch event. 

BDO Reddit= https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdeserto... 

BDO Boss Discord= https://discord.gg/bdo 

Credit goes to the BDO community show them some love.

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Bleach Spiritual Awakening Character Guides and Breakdowns

I cover this game because I think it's the best bleach game out for mobile. I know people love Brave Souls. I just prefer a more adult look to the characters. And for the game to remain true towards the main Anime style. This game does the best job of that and gives you a lot of fun along the way. Here are some character guides for the game as well as other system functions.

Keep in mind this game is very free2play friendly. So as long as you show up you will get most of the characters in the game for free.

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Final Fantasy Awakening: Another Look new game mode

I wanted to show off the new game mode I unlocked. And show off this game again in general. It's one of the best Android games I have played. The cool thing is this month they have started to move the game to more western states and Google play markets. So that means some of you will have this available for you in the Google play store. Try this game out guys you won't be disappointed.


Very free2play friendly

Loads of Content

Characters  are easy to get

Pretty good storyline and gameplay

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Digimon Links: A Look into it

Googleplay Link

This game overall is Digimon and Monster Rancher combined


    Super free2play friendly for now

    Digimon authentic to the show, no lame actions that don't match. This is a problem in previous games

    Easy to follow gameplay


    Gets repetitive fast

    You need a bit of patience in this game. Even if you pay your way, things just don't progress smoothly

    Seems a bit rushed with not much to do later levels. You end up repeating the same dungeon 30 times a day for one Digimon.


It's the first true to the show game. That did the animations completely correct. A few games existed before. You can tell it wasn't true to the original IP. This is a very grindy game. Nothing new that you haven't already seen in other games. So unless you're a Digimon fan I can see most people skipping it.

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MMO Show: Episode 157 Week 10/13/2017 "Rise of the mobile mmo's"

Let's talk about all of the mobile trends. And how they are pretty much mashing all of the pc titles. Right now if you notice on the sales end of things. Mobile titles are doing far superior in terms of membership and money. Compared to pc titles, I really don't think anything can be done to recover. Not that I want any one genre to fail. I just wish PC gaming was more of a focus for MMO. I feel we haven't touched all of the greatness.

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Warframe: Storm Files S3/Ep.62"From cetus with luv Scion" Update 22.0

Update 22

Here are my thoughts on the game. I loved my first night in the game. DE did a very good job bringing a solid open world to us. Warframe is a free2play game try it out here= https://www.warframe.com/


New open world massive layout

Random Quest system that generates content

Day and Night cycle with increasing difficulty

New Glass themed Warframe excellent new skills

Plenty of new weapons and items


A massive amount of new things to do in the new area. It can overwhelm you if you let it.

A few synch bugs going on. You cannot get achievements going atm 100% of the time

May need a bit more on the side of what to do in the town.

Using Arc-Wing in the planes is a bit weird and nerfed.


Update 22.0 is the best update to date. The simple fact I ca

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MMO Show: Episode 156 Week 10/6/2017 "When companies go too far"

Another week another show. This week is about fun and putting a company in check. All games listed below appear as such in the video. With us ending it off sounding off on PubG for whining.

Transformers Online 


Luna Online 


Black Desert Online 

Hyper Universe 

Final Fantasy 14 

Kritika Online 

Ashes of Creation 


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Battle Chasers Nightwar: First Impressions

Battle Chasers Nightwar Review

I don't want to call this game of the year. I will call it the best rpg I have seen in awhile. With good (Cliche) characters. And considering this game is inspired by Final Fantasy. I am all in for games like this. 


Music and sound is done very well

Characters are made well you care about them early

Voice acting well done

Final Fantasy atmosphere achieved 100%


A bit too linear you're stuck going in set paths

Loot seems a bit on the stingy side.

Group of characters seems on the low side

Needs more voice acting


I know everyone likes to play before they buy. I would like to say this game is actually worth it. So if you're looking for some retro and new style rpg gameplay. This would be a good time to spend a littl

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Seven Knights: Getting Not Sephiroth for free

My process in getting Mercure Aka Not Sephiroth. Those of you who are Final Fantasy 7 fans don't really need an introduction. But for clarity sake, this is the main enemy from FF7. Although it's not really him at the same time. The characters real name is Mercure and mage scientist in the game. For whatever reason, they decided to build his star 6 form after Sephiroth. I have no problem with this and went about farming so I could pick him up. Also be aware that plenty of other freebies are being given out at this time as well.


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