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Oroborus Project: First Impressions

PS5 is that you? It sure seems like it anyway. If anything this game most certainly is different than anything else we have played.


Has a very nice style to the game

Nice music for a mobile game

A lot of characters to control

Unique Progression System


The UI is a blatant copy of Persona 5

This is more RPG than anything. And its very unclear what to do next

Lack of control in fights is frustrating

Keeping teams fully healed gets tedious the stronger you get


This game has a lot of promise it needs time to mature. If they give it more time and control over fights it will be just fine.

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DragonBall FigthersZ: Open Beta Ranked Livestream

I labbed a little before and just jumped into ranked. I allowed people too much pressure and need to work on countering. It was very enjoyable I look forward to PC ranked. I'm satisfied with my first day trying ranked. We didn't have any practice mode beyond the training sessions they offer in game. So coming up with things to fight with is pretty much on the fly. We also are limited to 10 characters in the OBT. I can see the net code is extremely good. I have zero complaints about that, they even offered us another 24 hours the 18th to play. Because the server suffered from millions of people trying to play. In all this was a successful beta despite the rough start.

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Dragonball Z: Dokkan Battle Restart Multiple Summons

Recently I started over in Dokkan battle and boy was it nice to me. The new Universe 6 banner is good for entry level into the game. The warriors cannot be awakened yet. But that is fine because you get quick access to characters that will get you to end game. You can basically farm all you need during that time. So by the time endgame comes around you can spam farm for awaken warriors. If you're interested in this Dragonball game. Now is the time to take advantage or do a fresh start.

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Quantum Siege (Unreleased Beta)

This game reminds me a lot of Star Craft. The matches are super fast and forces you to make choices early. It's a really simple game with units and hero units. The one thing that may bother people so far is the cash shop is super intrusive on everything. They will need to dial this back if its going to succeed.

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