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Marvel Super Heroes Squad Review

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I was looking for a game innocent enough. That my son can usher himself into MMO's. This game fits that. It's free2play lots of mini games. And basically has kid versions of all the Marvel Super Heroes we love. It's more of an action MMO dungeon crawler. And it does hold your hand a lot. But it's not really meant for the avid pro anyway. It can scale up to that later in game.


Kid friendly nice starter place for the young ones
A lot of free stuff to get by simply playing
Plenty of Iconic Heroes to start with and earn
A very cheap cash shop (I assume designed for parents)
Comic storylines to embark on


Older population steer clear this is not for you

Some boss fights make me cry, maybe too hard for younger audience

Game advertises spending too much. It's all cheap ...
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Devilian Online Kr coming west soon

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I wanted to take another quick look at Devilian. I got news earlier today. That this game will be coming west. So we will see it in a year or so I bet. It's a long the lines of Diablo and Marvel Heroes in game play style. So definitely take a look at this one.


Fast action quests most are short little grind

You can go beast mode (literally) and turn into a demon for a short time

Gives you a lot of loot. The game is very generous

Bosses have decent AI. This is nice in some games bosses are really badly programmed.

Easy to pick up and play despite being in Korean

Characters get good looking armors


The obvious is it's a Diablo clone.

You WASD in this game. The aiming works off of it too. It sounds until you try it in this game.

The game can lull you into a coma being too linear. Then bam epic boss fight (you're not prepared for) Or leveled enough for so you get crushed.

Needs a bit more story, pretty much you go here something bad happen

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Call of Duty Online: Complete First Campaign

This gameplay is the complete 6 mission first campaign. You even get to see where I mess up lol. I kept it as uncut as I could. I had to remove a few afk's. Other then that it's all 6 missions done. I'll show off more of them and pvp as I level up more.

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Naruto Online New PVP Mode and How to play with no lag

For starters I am starting over. I know it's a wtf moment, but I made a few mistakes. I want to correct those mistakes and get somethings I missed. Also using the TGP portal makes the game almost have no lag. This is key because the game lags now as is. It's really a pain in the butt.

TGP Download

You must have a qq account for it of course.

Also as you seen in the video the game now suuports 3 full teams for pvp. This takes things up a notch. So take a look at it and get in game.

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