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Black Desert Ep.15 Pearl Shopping

Due to the fact I can't use BD correctly with out VPN. I decided to still follow the cash shop and see all the cool things in it. So this is pretty much the latest the shop has to offer. I'll keep checking it out pretty much every other week. Or if major content comes that you would need a closer look at.

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How to play Android MMO's/MMORPG's On Your PC

Ok so I had blue stacks for a while. Some games I like to play on my desktop. Yesterday it suddenly hit me hey why not review mmo's on android as well. So I went looking for them all and how to do it properly. Which lead me to Stepharu's site. Which is crazy because I am already subscribed myself to that channel. He stated he uses APK Downloader. That was the missing link I needed in this equation.

With APK Downloader you can download anything from the Google Store and play it. This includes games not from the US. So now I and you after you learn how. Can play games from anywhere as long as they have a Google+ link.

Step 1. Download Blue Stacks and Install it.

Make sure you have a Gmail account. You will need that to log into Google Play. Once there you are done, unless you want to download games from the normal library. Take note you cannot use Bitdefender and Blue Stacks together. So if you have that antivirus you need to remove it. Install Bluestacks then install Bitdefender agai...
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Blade and Soul: Pure Soul Ep.41 "Let's go cash shopping Part 2" Male Version

As promised from the first video I did a week ago. This is the male side of customization.

Female Version Cash Shop

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Warframe: Storm Files S2/Ep.47 "UPDATE 17.12 Wukong build" Endgame is not endless survival

Going back to the old format. I'll be showing a frame latest update and speaking on a topic. Wukong enters the game this week. He's a interesting frame. May take me a little time to find his place. We have Rhino Palatine Skin, Jat Kittag Palatine Skin,  Palatine Syandana, added to the game as well.

The weekly topic is about endgame. And how I think people have a misconception of it.

Updates this weeks as follow

Spend this weekend recovering from your turkey coma by making space a more hospitable place to be. From November 25 to November 30 we'll be holding a special Palatine Bonus event available to players on all platforms!

Log in and enjoy double Affinity for the entire weekend, plus exciting discounts in the Warframe Market:
· 50% off all Archwing & Archwing weapons
· 20% o

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