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Tianyu Revelations Online First Look

Dare I say this but I found a game. Where I have a female character I love using more than Pure in Blade and Soul. The look and feel of this game is awesome. I really can't find anything I hate about this game. But I'll go right into my pro's and cons.


DUNGEON SYSTEM!!!= For one they have survival dungeons. The longer and more bosses you take down the better the loot and coins. I spent more time doing that than anything else in the game. You can validly level this way too.

Character Customization= Multiple Boob sliders! That aside you can make some Smooth looking males. And by far the sexiest females I've seen in awhile in gaming. Tons of clothes options (That need to be earned and not bought)

Music and Sound= Ok they ripped off WoW's quest sounds. Once you're beyond that. They h

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Moonlight Blade Character Customization+Gameplay

Main Site

It goes without saying, this is a awesome looking game. And I'm having a super time in it. This is the character creation settings. Not as much as I thought it would be. Seems a bit lacking in fact. But for the way it looks I'll let that slide just this once. I also added the opening missions.

You can get into the game after 3 months....yes three months unless you do one of other things.

1. Buy an account 40 usd.....yep
2. Get invited by one of the press guilds. See the mmo show this week for that.
3. Do one of the co-pay offers on the official site. Under activation which is around 35usd.
4. The longest and free way simply make a qq account, and sign into the attendance event every day for three months. Also verify your account on the site for more points. And install the requiremen

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MMO! Show Episode 38 "Week 8/31/2014" September to Remember

This week I have actually a lot of things to show you. Skyforge did its best I’m going to tease the world impression. Trion went for the Triple Crown announcing three titles in major news. Pathfinder Online lost its damn mind.. And can you believe someone is making a Sword Art Online MMO? Before a triple A company can pull it off!

Skyforge Closed Beta Key Scavenger Hunt= http://sf.my.com/us/news/events/closed-beta-key-giveaway

War Thunder’s New Gamescom Footage= http://warthunder.com/en/news/801-Video-SU-100-at-Gamescom-2014-en

Dragon Slayer TW Launches= http://ds.x-legend.com.tw/

Star Conflict Launchers 1.0 Sept 4= http://star-conflict.com/en

Call Alliance Launches Soon= http://call.game321.com/

Battlestar Galactica New Patch Content and Refund= http://us.battlestar-galactica.bigpoint.c

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Tianju Online "Revelations" Character Customization+30 Minutes Gameplay

Prepare yourself this one is long. That's why I busted out the video bar. Feel free to use it and skip ahead. This game left me no choice but to give it in depth time. Enjoy this ones a pretty package.

You can sneak your way into this beta. I will explain how in the full review. You can also buy your way in if you don't feel like waiting. Which is what most people did soon as they seen this game. I'm reserving any kind of opinion right now.

Because as pretty and fun as this game is. It has quite a few things that irk me. And I'm not sure I can get over them. So stay tuned for it, this maybe a interesting game to review. Chances are I'm going to piss off a lot of Asians in this one. Because they going nuts over this one right now.

But I have to say in this one, you maybe able to ma

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