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Black Desert: Mystic Love (Creating Tifa Lockhart)

I tried to capture the complete essence of Tifa. The hair was impossible to do, but I think I completely got her face. Also showing off the gameplay a little. The mystic by far is one of the more fun character classes. Don't forget you get a lot of free items for leveling up the Mystic class. So take full advantage of all of these items.

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Nine Parchments: First Impressions

Main Site

Nine Parchments is an ARPG with pretty good physics. A very nice battle system with spell clashes. Also a very good looking game world and music. It has been a pleasure to play a very good game. You also have plenty of characters to unlock. And plenty of boards to conquer, with secrets to find all throughout. It's shaping up to be a really good game at only 20 bucks.

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Black Desert Online: Mystic Character Creation (Making DesireStar)

I always love making characters in this game. It doesn't matter if its male or female it ends up nice. With the Mystic up I decided to make something fitting. Remember Mystic comes out next week and this is simply premaking the character.

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Bleach Spiritual Awakening: Weekly Events and Roulette 4000 Magatama

The events this week didn't do me any favors. In fact it was the worse I have ever done in the events the entire game. I don't know if this means the game got harder or simply bad luck. I did manage to get the new Aizen which you will see below, but that took some nice grinding and patience.

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