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Heroes Evolved: First Look Steam Release

This game is pretty smooth all things considered. I'm not looking at the pc Moba's with my head sideways......Like wtf is all those gigs for? The characters are clearly inspired by existing moba characters. With that said a impressive amount of them exist. And keep in mind the low resources used to play this game. My computer was at 3% highest usage, that is also impressive. I can see this being a bargin game for people with bad pc's. Who can't play league if their is still someone that exist like that. The game will need a little more extra to stand out.

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Chrono Blade: Mobile ARPG

I love this game, but I don't know about it on mobile. I originally played this and showcased it on this site. Back when it was a browser game. It plays exactly the same using Ko Player. But on my cell phone this maybe a bit of a stretch. I have not tried it yet, so I'll leave it to you guys. This essentially is exactly the same game on mobile super fast combo action. Being a side scrolling beat up it's simple to get into. Be aware that the game deals with battle power. So it's always pay2win the minute you see a battle power system.

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Should You Play: Elsword?

After all these years, here's another title that stands up to the test of time. Try to get in there and enjoy quick leveling up.

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Blade and Soul: Are you satisfied with the game currently?

As the title states are you happy with things as is? Sound off I've been asked to gauge community feedback. So here we go keep it respectful and intelligent.

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