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Black Desert Final Thoughts on CBT3+Boss Battle

When you get down to it Black Desert is a wonderful game. It's well put together and the combat man....I get distracted weaving attacks together. And trying to figure out new juggles or linkers. Around level 18 you get your second dash link attack. And boy the world become a different place.

For the caster it officially made her almost a buzz saw of magic and fire. I had no issues with things my level or higher. And it wasn't based off of power. But more that I learn to probably use her finally. But enough of me on fighting.


Most fun I have had fighting in a MMO ever
Graphics are second to none at the moment
Sound and Music are on point.
Quest System is cool because it changes based off your choices. It makes the game have a bit of replay value.
Clothing can be altered by weather and blood...
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MMO! Show Episode 42 "Week 9/28/2014" Don't believe the hype!

This was another good week. A whole week to sit and play Black Desert. And a lot of games are rounding into form. Namely Star Trek Online and Firefall. Are quietly becoming really good games. The thing I wanted to go on this week is Hype. Because media outlets and people tend to over blow games.

Let's take Black Desert for example. This is a good game, a great one even. But let's not let the media and fans. Turn this into another destiny situation. Where we basically have a game, that couldn't possibly live up to the hype. I look around at other sites and you tubes and I see over blown hype. And I'm like "Wait did we all play the same game?"

Don't fall into the hype trap it just leads to disappointment. Do your due diligence and research. So you don't end up let down and ripped off.

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Warframe: Storm Files - S2/Ep.28 "Warframe Tribute" Update 14.8

Play Warframe

A lot of times we don't really say thank you to a game and it's makers. We just naturally assume it will always be there.Or we assume it will always be a good game. So I made this from a personal perspective with my frames. And tried to make it a little epic, so you get the feel of choice. And be a bad ass space ninja at the same time


Manipulator of minds, Nyx Prime inflicts mass hysteria as she bolts into Prime Access.

Get Nyx Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours - instantly - including Nyx Prime, Hikou Prime and Scindo Prime. Plus, stock up on discounted Platinum and get Exclusive Gear available only through Prime Access!

Packages include:

Reach into enemy co

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Arche Age Paladin 1.0 Leveling Build

Calc Build

I would like to first thank you for the over whelming amount of support on the first build video. I didn't expect 20,000 views for it. But with that came the responsibility of keeping it updated. I got a lot of messages more so the past two weeks. So here it is and this is how I'm using it live.

Basically the game has changed some what since I made the first one. Now it's a little more beneficial to go further in trees. With that said I went more into Battlerage this time. Because it addressed things it just didn't before. This allowed me to use the other trees as extra attacks buffs and healing. And the introduction of better food. Has made less need to invest much into spirit.

This is a good thing it allowed me to only invest 4 points into vitalism. And get to instant cast h...
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