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Marvel Heroes: Iron Man review/free Avengers Weekend try them all out

Marvel Heroes

Iron Man like Batman is one of my favorite heroes. Mainly because they're both mortal and have limits. But still manage to be bad ass anyway. This version of the big red machine is well made. He is a bit clunky to use at times. Which he should be because he's a guy in a metal suit.


I believe he has the most suits available to purchase
He works well with melee or range. This was a nice perk for me.
He has good overall damage
One of the most fun Ultimate's in the game "Full House" Basically some of his past suits come out to help him fight.
Pretty tanky nice passives and toggles


I feel like he lacks a super big hit he deserves
He seems like his skill synergies are all over the place. Make might him a little too annoying to master properly. So people may just put him down. For a easier character to use.
Some of his missiles attacks leave little to be desired


Iron Man is a above average character. I want to say he is great but he isn't quite that yet. At lea...
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Monster Hunter Online (CN) Intro Gameplay Missions

I'm not feeling well at the moment. So I won't be talking much in this one. But as most YouTubers say the show must go on. Even if I can't go on with it.

So this game play is the intro quest, and another following quest that makes you take on a Raptor. The game is mainly instanced based. I'm ok with that but I'm aware a lot of people do not like things like this. I will just preach a little patience. Because this game works in this manner. Not every game does but this one does.

I started off with a sword and board style. But I will change to the Katana style ASAP. It's a wide swinging two hander stance. But you swing really fast with it. I'm all about the Ninja life so that's all me. I'll have more gameplay this weekend so enjoy. And I took a lot of screen shots.

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Monster Hunter Online CBT (CN) Character Customization

I wanted to give you guys a quick look at the customization. I'll give it a average score. Nothing to outrageously good, and not completely terrible. Unless you hit the random button. Yep then you will see terrible trust me don't do it. But for the most part at least the visuals on the characters look nice. And with a little patience and slider discipline you can make some nice looking characters.

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Bleach Online: Shinigami Yoruichi Shihoin

Shinigami Yoruichi is the next up in the Ultimate BP. She is an assaulter who randomly attacks two people. The cool thing about her is she is immune to damage afterwards. Now to be honest I consider her a troll character. Unless you get her to a really high damage and crit level. She pretty much is just prolonging a death to a enemy.

If you get her to a really strong level she can be extremely damaging and make you hard to kill.

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