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Naruto Online Understanding Base Stats

How to play Naruto Online

Base stats are very important in this game. Understanding what they do goes a long way in gearing and using certain characters.

You will notice certain characters gain more or less from certain stats. You want to focus on raising those stats.

For example Naruto has a high life stats multiplier. And a decent attack stat multiplier. So you will want to focus on those if you can. If you look at Sakura she has ; High Attack, Ninjutsu, and Resistance. So you should focus on those for her. If you succeed in doing that, you will notice your battle power skyrocket

Hook jade species Bonuses Armor Position
Life hook jade + Life Helmut
Attack hook jade + Attack Weapon
Defense hook jade + Defense Armor
Ninjutsu hook jade + Ninjutsu Books
Resistance hook jade + Resistance Accessories

Here's the gems that work in the same order like the gear. And the colors that go along with them. Use the same mentality when gearing up with gems. Level up the gems that t

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Warframe: Storm Files S2/Ep.33 "A new look and going Limbo"

Well first I would like to thank Geoff and Sheldon. For the kind words in the last dev stream. It was unexpected and appreciated. And yay for progress and the fixes. Well you may have seen by now Warframe dot com has a new look. And so does the launcher. I have to give up some props to both they look good. So if you haven't checked out the main site do so now.

Warframe's New Website Look

I chose to show off a Limbo Invincible run. Because he gets so much grief. He has his uses and places to shine. The problem is we have gotten too spoiled by the other frames. People just want mass destruction. And don't want to use precision or skill. You're not going to one button devastate with Limbo. 

He is more of a single target assassin. And a very good one at that. You almost can't die and ca

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Elite Lord of Alliance KR Character Customization

ELOA is a interesting little throwback title. But can it stand up to all of the action mmo's coming? You have Devilian, Marvel Heroes, Lineage Eternal, and Lost Ark. All in the same genre it's getting a little crowded in here lol....Nevertheless I will cover this game, since it's coming recommended from my Korean viewers.

Explanation on making foreign accounts legally. Plz follow this and you'll be fine.

You will need a Korean Sponsor or buy a Netmarble account from a site provider. Make sure that it's a (Sponsored one) Make sure you specify that in the purchase. Because some sites will sell you some not official, and you will get banned. A sponsored account is some one Korean vouching for you. A company us allowed to do that, as long as it's said in account creation. 


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Das Tal October November/Progress Preview

Beta Sign Up Here

I'm most certainly looking forward to this game. Sometimes it's the simple games that are the best ones. You don't always need Direct X blinding you every 2 seconds. And then find you have no good pvp or game play to do.
So keep a open mind. I thought this game would suck at first glance, but to my surprise it didn't and it was fun. It reminded me of early Ultima Online days. With a nice glimpse of early Diablo. In a winner take all sand-box. On Saturday I'll get to have some fun, and try out the latest version of it.

If you hurry you can get a key today, and be ready by the test time.

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