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Mobius Final Fantasy: Mobius welcomed me back with YouTube luck

My return back into the game got me extreme luck. And I found out how strong the female class is. Super welcome back Mobius game gave me. I ended up getting the banner job from the summons. The Esmeralda job is a super strong female job just introduced I was blessed enough to pull first try.

She is considered a mage job. And she is very stylish feature a fan like blade weapon. This is a nice departure from the constant male jobs we are bombarded with. So all you female gamers out there have a nice alternative to play with.

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Black Desert Online: Killing the Black Witch&How to find her and other bosses

I like events like this so I wanted to put this together. So people can easily farm the Black Witch event. 

BDO Reddit= https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdeserto... 

BDO Boss Discord= https://discord.gg/bdo 

Credit goes to the BDO community show them some love.

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Bleach Spiritual Awakening Character Guides and Breakdowns

I cover this game because I think it's the best bleach game out for mobile. I know people love Brave Souls. I just prefer a more adult look to the characters. And for the game to remain true towards the main Anime style. This game does the best job of that and gives you a lot of fun along the way. Here are some character guides for the game as well as other system functions.

Keep in mind this game is very free2play friendly. So as long as you show up you will get most of the characters in the game for free.

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Final Fantasy Awakening: Another Look new game mode

I wanted to show off the new game mode I unlocked. And show off this game again in general. It's one of the best Android games I have played. The cool thing is this month they have started to move the game to more western states and Google play markets. So that means some of you will have this available for you in the Google play store. Try this game out guys you won't be disappointed.


Very free2play friendly

Loads of Content

Characters  are easy to get

Pretty good storyline and gameplay

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