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Albion Online Starting Out Fresh

Main Site= https://albiononline.com/[2]

I wanted to give you guys a quick look at the game. This is a sandbox title that needs a little patience. But if you can keep an open mind. You will greatly appreciate the game for what it is. Theirs something about building a character from scratch.


True Sandbox build everything from scratch Player Driven Economy Play as you want PVE/PVP/Trader Make whatever you want in steps Plenty of Dungeon running Easy to understand what you need to do Destiny Board is a different take on questing


Where's the story in this game? More random enemies would be nice May take more patience then people have Opening land costs are a little high Getting into the beta at this point is pay2play


Those of you who like run and gun or diablo fast games. This ones not for you stay away. For those of you who want to feel accomplished. Like wow I took this character from nothing to legend. This game maybe for you.

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Today, Ubisoft announced Heroes® of Might & Magic® III – HD Edition, the anticipated title issued from one of the most renowned Might & Magic series, is now available on Windows® PC and for the first time on tablet (iOS and Android).

The fifteen year-old title returns in full HD thanks to the refined work done on graphics. Players will relive the iconic Heroes III adventure as they thrive through seven campaign scenarios and 48 skirmish maps. They will also enjoy a local multiplayer mode, a map editor and a Steam lobby (only for PC players), in which they can share their experience with other fans of the franchise.

For more information about Heroes® of Might & Magic® III – HD Edition, please visit: http://mmh3-hd.com/
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One Piece Online: How to get stronger

Main Site

One Piece Online is a simple game. But that some times fools a lot of people. Just because something is simple to understand. Doesn't mean it's easy to progress in. This video I basically break it down. I'll show you how to get ahead early in the game.

Like with most of these types of games it takes patience. You build resources, in this case the resource in beli. This is the currency of the game. Use that to then go and upgrade your characters stats

Normal Base Stats




Having max stats characters is a priority more in this game. Because you don't have much or any loot to get. It's all raw stats and titles. Also quite frankly having strong characters from the Tavern. That can come down to luck and money if you pay for it.

PVP prestige leveling

One last tip I can give you is go slow in pvp. Don't rush up to the top. Because your main characters title and skill level off of prestige. That can be won in pvp. So if you rush to the top and can't level? T

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Brawlhalla Fun First Look

Brawlhalla reads like it sounds. It's basically Smash Brothers on the pc. That doesn't mean it's not fun. All of the off the wall action is there. Including interesting and fun characters to try and take on.


The most obvious it's Smash Brothers like

Crisp Graphics Almost too crisp if that's possible

A good assortment of characters

PVP matches happen fast (during peak times)

Music and sound are nice


Needs more PVE content, I can't see this living long just off the matches.

Needs more lore on the characters. Part of the reason you play Smash Brothers beyond the action. Is identifying with the characters. Mainly because they already had lore to begin with.

Some characters need balancing on their special weapons. Unless they want them to be (Little Mac) cheap.


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