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Bleach Online Smart Nanao&Shura Kenpachi

Bleach Online

I wanted to touch on these two characters today. One is totally useless the other is totally bad ass.

Smart Nanao

She is the new Ultimate BP event character. DO NOT waste resources on this character. Every single thing about her is just terrible. Her skill really doesn't help you much. Her passives are almost the same as tavern Gin and Aizen. So you might as well get them they're more useful.

Shura Kenpachi

Kenny could be the best Assaulter in the game next to Isshin. His attack power is immense. And he is a major dps boost in the Ryoka and Evil spirit event. So save up like I'm going to do and get him guys

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Blade and Soul CH Beta: Pure Soul Ep.34 "Now that it's official no hard feelings?"

So they finally stop the non sense. And going to give us Blade and Soul finally. Now after all this time do you forgive them? We had to basically watch the Wildstar fiasco unfold. And so may could of would of's. I admit I'm still excited, however I'm no fan of NC Soft anymore.

Especially how I was treated 5-6 months ago. With they flagging half my Blade and Soul playlist. I was bound at the time not to speak on why. Until they officially announce it coming. Now that I'm not bound anymore. What really happen back then was this. NC Soft west began flagging all motion content. And reaching out to YouTubers. Basically asking us to be silent.

This was more annoying for me, due to how many BNS videos I had already on the channel. To be fair the flag was lifted on all of them. But I was pretty much on the watch list now. So if I even let a second of sound or video show too much. It was flag city and youtube would instant block it.

I forgive them however I don't like the community rel

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Black Desert: Ep.12 "Putting in work with Valkyrie"

Valkyrie is my permanent female side character to level up. You guys know I'm all about my holy classes. I like her attacks and lighting effects. She isn't as flashy as the other characters in style. But she gets the job done, and looks cute doing it. Now let's talk about Valkyrie a moment. Her range is really iffy, compared to the other characters I miss attacks a lot. So it maybe a little frustration to some coming from the other characters. She does have a advancing strike. This allows you to move forward and engage easier. Only problem with that is it doesn't combo well into other things. The follow through is pretty large, so after the animation it's exactly faster to continue Advancing Strike. Trying something else is slower and almost not worth it.

Her Aoe skills are extremely s

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Royal Quest First Look

I had no idea what this game was or where it even came from. But playing through it a bit. I get the sense it's some what polished. I am a little confused on the whole King's Bounty lineage. This game really seems nothing like King's Bounty other then a similar look.


Nice environments good attention to detail
Diablo-like battle that's always fun
Not too grindy also a plus
Large Guild System very in depth
Castle Sieges
A good story for a game of this type
Nothing in the cash shop is needed to progress in game (except one very annoying thing. This will be covered in Con's)


Doesn't seem very easy to find teams
Some minor class imbalances exist
You need to pay real money to feed mounts (no alternative)
The game is a little stingy on gear
Making money compared to spending it is way off. T

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