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Blade and Soul CN Open Beta: Pure Soul Ep.17 "Starter Pack Information"

This will be a brief refresher on what to do to play Blade and Soul Ch. I put together all the best info for you all in one place. Should be less questions on what to do.

English Patch Video
Booster Video

BNS Resource Websites

How to make a account in BNS
Video Account Guide Here
New Players Guide
Stepharu Open Beta Guide
BNS Class Guide Site
Aspenach's Blade and Soul Guides
De-Censor/Nude Patch Guide

Blade and Soul Forums= http://forum.mmosite.com/board/2-316.html

Blade and Soul Dojo= http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/forum/

Watch The Animated Series= http://www.gogoanime.com/category/blade-and-soul

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Warframe: Storm Files - S2/Ep.14 "Hydroid Mr.Purple DPS Rain"

At first I was not going to pick up Hydroid I dissed him. But man was I wrong about him. The knock I was seeing on him is that he's weak in damage. Well not so much as you would think. If you use his powers correctly they all can combo in different ways. Now all of this may not really be energy efficient most of the time.

But style wise it maybe some of the most Warframe fun to date. Here's a few combo's you can have fun with.
Combo 1= Get aggro and lure people into Undertow. After you pop out use Tentacle Swarm. You should have the puddle unfortunate and whoever is close enough ensnared. Now point at the biggest group and Tempest Barrage them. You can even Tidal Surge them after for style points. That isn't worth the energy though. Most any including high level enemies in survival and defense melt helplessly.

Just be warned its energy extensive. So you better bet is to Tentacle Swarm and then Tempest Barrage. It does more damage over time to a set of enemies then Blade Storm does.

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Guild Wars 2: So We Are 80 What Now? - Ep.45 "Feature Pack Fun"


PvP Reward Tracks

    Added a new reward system to structured PvP. When playing structured PvP, players will select a single reward track to be active at a time and earn a variety of rewards as they progress through the track. To progress reward tracks, players need play PvP in a match that has progress enabled. All eight dungeon reward tracks will be available on a biweekly rotation, one at a time. Alternatively, each dungeon reward track can be permanently unlocked on an account-wide basis by completing the corresponding story mode of that dungeon. The reward track system will have both repeatable and non-repeatable tracks. We will be shipping with five region tracks, eight dungeon tracks, and one Balthazar Back Item track that has a unique back item skin, which can be equipped and used in PvE, PvP, and WvW with the new wardrobe.

      Five Repeatable Region Tracks—Shiverpeak Mountains, Ascalonian, Ruins of Orr, Krytan, and Maguuma Jungle.
        These tracks contain regi
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Hearthstone: Hanging with the Heroes

I figured I'd take the time to show off a little hearthstone. This game is very straight forward. It's a little like Magic the Gathering and Yugioh in one game. In fact I found myself screaming Yugioh one match. You can choose from one of Wow's traditional base classes. And from there level them up by winning matches. You also get new cards and abilities by doing this. Neutral cards also exist to round out your decks.

In all not a lot to think about with this game other than play and enjoy. In fact I had an epic comeback on the priest class in this video check it out.

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