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Deep Analysis of GTARCADE LOA2: Killing and ripping there players!

Hello Mates,

Been awhile since I write something down again. Well I just want to warn MMO players about one game company.

GTarcade is a leading game platform dedicated to bringing high-quality browser and mobile games to players around the world. With popular titles such as the League of Angels series, Knight's Fable and Hero Commander, GTarcade continues to raise the standard in what people should expect from free-to-play games.GTarcade Entertainment, the developer, and GTarcade.com, the publisher, are both the propriety of YOUZU Games Hong Kong Limited. Founded in 2009, Youzu has quickly earned its place as one of the top developers and publishers of online and mobile games. With it guiding principle of "Sharing Simple Joy", Youzu has developed award winning browser and mobile games

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LOA II: Tame Leviatos, the First Artifact Battle Pet!

A powerful sea creature from the abyss has just emerged on Sapphire! Leviatos lives in the deep sea, where it uses its deadly poison to hunt even the largest prey. Feared as the creature with the most deadly poison in all of Sapphire, this fast moving battle pet has the power to kill enemies instantly! Do you smell the scent of danger? Will Leviatos become your best companion or worst enemy?


Image 1 League of Angels II New Artifact Battle Pet Leviatos

Leviatos is the first Artifact grade Battle Pet with a unique attack that by-passes the enemy’s DEF and DR while also not providing Rage, since it directly takes away max HP. In addition, this pet will not require shards when augmenting. When Leviatos is augmented to 4 stars, it will require a new material Pet Essence&...
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DN Sea: April’s Blessings From Goddess Altea

Dragon Nest Sea just did another weekly maintenance. And along with this maintenance is the "April’s Blessings From Goddess Altea" Actually a promotion.

Reap new rewards in this brand new month when you spend in the Cash Shop from 7 April – 20 April 2015! Check out the goodies right here:

Tier 1: Spend 50,000CC and get a Heart Decal (Perm)
Tier 2 : Spend 80,000CC and get Hot Spring Costume
Tier 3 : Spend 150,000CC and get 2x Abyss Purple Weapon Exchange Coupons
Tier 4 : Spend 200,000CC and get Black Dragon Ancient Wings

Note: All tier rewards are accumulative (i.e. Spending 200,000CC or more during the event period will entitle you to the rewards of all 4 tiers.)

- image -

There’s no better time to splurge in the Cash Shop!

Terms & Conditions

    This promotion will run from 7 Apr 0000HRS – 20 Apr 2015 2359HRS. All timings are in GMT +8. Cherry Credits (CC) must be spent in Dragon Nest SEA Cash Shop within the event period to qualify.  Calculation for the total

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DN Sea: April Fool's Day Event

Login For A Free Alpaca Mount!

March 31, 2015

The wonderful summer sunshine means our female Alpacas have been giving birth to lots of baby Alpacas recently! To prevent overcrowding in our GMs’ barn, we have decided to let YOU be the proud owner of an Alpaca mount! Login to Dragon Nest on 1 April, 1800HRS – 2000HRS (GMT+8) in your respective worlds to qualify for a free Alpaca mount*!
*Limited to one per account only. Please login with the character whom you wish to have the alpaca mount.

Don’t miss this chance to ride into the sunset on your new mount!

Source: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/news/news-single/2371/Notice

Just remember it is for APRIL FOOLS DAY, so don't expect too much.

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Removal of Skill Levelling Effect From All Velskud Weapons DN Sea

With the recent content patch on 24 March, players could buy Velskud boxes for a chance to get the exchange coupons for Velskud weapons. However, the exchanged weapons are given a random Skill Level + 1 effect, which adds 1 skill point to the indicated skill name.

As seen in this screenshot, the red box indicates the skill leveling effect of the Velskud weapon.

The developers have clarified with us that it was an oversight on their part, and they have since removed the skill leveling effect from the weapons. As such, please be informed that with effect from the next game patch (31 March 2015), all skill leveling effects will be removed from all Velskud Weapons.

Source: http://http://dn.cherrycredits.com/news/news-single/2370/Notice

Lucky for me I did not purchase one. I wonder what will

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Are bug normal for a game?

Dragon Nest Sea just finished a new Patch: Go Wet n Wild Game Patch (Completed on 24 Mar) Click here for more details: http://dn.cherrycredits.com/news/news-single/2368/Notice?token=hi0MJSQ-gzbxBX7Ap0TQo%25dkeRlrhg&errcode=0

As a player, this is just a review. Feel free to rant. Logged in my account. Check new stuff in NPC and of course the shop. I visit Trading House and saw some new items for sale (which is of course expensive at first). Then decided to run some new maps. Daily Quest seems to give something in return so I made up a Auto-run Party then go solo. Run the dungeon and here is what I got:


Bugged! I think it is normal also to have this in game. But it seems Cherry Credit does NOT fail to patch with Bug.

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Dragon Nest: Altea's Battle Blessings

Tomorrow March 17 up to April 13, 2015, Dragon Nest Sea will run an event Altea's Battle Blessings. This is to welcome the Lancea Class and of course other class will benefit the Event. Rewards are Level 70 Epic plates and High Grade Jades which will eventually going to flood the market. For those who haven't completed there Heraldry and Jades this event is best for you. Visit this link for the event Details: http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/49/20150316/5506f8f144fd57313-1.html#p5506f8f144fd57
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Dragon Nest: Light Fury vs Saint

Dragon Nest Sea characters are always imbalance. Lets take a look on these two class: Saint and Light Fury (LF).

Both has Healing skills but Light Fury has more DPS than the Saint. Let's got over there skills. Saint has Heal while Light Fury has Chakra Energy. LF's Chakra Energy has better cooldown than the Saint's so that means more HP restored by the LF. Saint has Healing Relic while LF has Chakra Heal. LF's Chakra Heal can also recover MP aside from HP. does not have time limit plus it boost Attack power of Allies. Saint has Holy Shield while Light Fury has Chakra Miracle. LF's Chakra Miracle recovers HP overtime while Saint's Holy Shield recovers HP if you are hit by enemies. Saint has Cure Relic which recovers oneself and allies from debuffs while Light Fury has Chakra Cure wh

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Getting Bored

Lately the gaming world is been getting boring. There is no game at the moment interest me and no new games catch my attention. Even the games that I like to play are getting annoying and getting boring. I'm looking for something that is new. I don't care if its RPG, Mobile or even MOBA as long as it has a twist. Feel free to respond to this with games in your mind that I will try.
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My Favorite Games: Dragon Nest Highlighted.

 Hi I'm xXMarkuzXx, I love playing online games specifically Dragon Nest and Dota 2. Well they both start with D. Anyway I'm just sharing one of my favorite game, Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest is non-targeting MMORPG. You can go instances or nest. You can play with friends or people you just met in game through Public Parties or Personal Parties (most common to Players in a guild or just personal friend list, We usually call it permanent parties) or play on your own. Anyway I'm playing DN Sea. And one of my favorite Class is the Crusader.

Crusader are melee class that can be Magical or Physical Attack. It's Element is Light. The Good thing about Crusaders are they buff Light Attack Element of other players(in parties) using Conviction Aura. I chose Magic Attack, Why? because it's che

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