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True Love in DotA

There is a famous saying in China "A dota a day, makes you become a gay." My friends always make fun of me and say I am a gay, just because I love playing DotA. To be honest, I don't mind at all as I always believe that there are also lots of romantic stuffs in DotA. Personally, I think DotA is not only a game for male gamers, it can also be suitable for female gamers who love romantic-style games!

Some of you may doubt that :"DotA is a MOBA game and 99% players are guys. There even romantics in DotA, are you kidding me?" Ok, here I am proving it!

First, let's take a look at a romantic story in DotA:

It is a love story between Crystal Maiden and Shadow Fiend (Two heroes in DotA).

It is a DotA fan-made MV called "Still a Rainy Day" (from Chinese translation)

Details about the story

Part I: Crystal Maiden and Shadow Fiend are apart. They can not meet each other in DotA world. What they can do is to miss each other without day and night.

Lyric translation from Chinese:

Still a Rainy D...
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OMFG!!! Call of Duty 9 called project Iron Wolf?

A member of the se7ensins forums showed some interesting pictures. He and his friend have someone from Treyarch (developers of Black Ops) in their friends list. Recently they saw him playing a game they had never seen before. They have also taken some pictures as proof.

I am not sure if it is real or fake. But I am sure we all love to see Call of Duty 9. Does anyone know something about that?

Orginal from: Call of Duty from Treyarch discovered, called Project Iron Wolf

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Ten interesting facts about Pokemon

Pokémon Black and White has hit worldwide, and everyone is getting back into the monster-catching phenomenon. To celebrate the release of the newest Pokémon, here's some interesting history and factoids about the long-running video-game series.

1. Pokémon Has Been Accused of Racism, Nazism, and Satanism

2. Pokémon's also been accused of promoting cockfighting, which Black and White's story actually references

3. A Pokémon Comic Was 'Too Sexy' for America

4. It's Also a Card Game

5. Black and White are the first pair of "color" Pokémon games since Red, Green/Blue, and Yellow

6. 10 Cool and Strange Facts About Pokémon

7. The Pokémon TV Show Is in Its 14th Season

8. Pokémon World Championship Is an Annual Event

9. A Ton of

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Lara Croft will head back to big screen

A new Tomb Raider movie is on the way courtesy of GK Films, who bough the rights from Squeenix. The movie'll be a reboot. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I dont know if it is a coincidence that a movie Tomb Raider reboot would be announced a couple months after the game Tomb Raider reboot, but it can't be. It just can't.

Since the game has actually been announced - which means it's been in production for a while - it is doubtful that the movie could be ready for release when the game is, but you can bet your ass that Graham King is banking on this new, gritty, dark Tomb Raider being successful and making the idea of a new Tomb Raider movie seem not as silly as it does right now.

Source from here

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The best of GDC 2011

With the Game Developers Conference firmly in the history books for 2011, lets look back at some of the best moments for the gaming industry.

1. Best Tease: Super Mario 3DS

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo President and CEO, walked an attentive audience through a keynote full of interesting tidbits about the quality of mobile games, the company's plans for social gaming, and the upcoming release plans for Nintendo 3DS.

2. Best Party Crasher: iPad 2

Apple revealed an update to iPad. Dubbed the iPad 2, the new tablet boasts a handful of new features: a dual core processor, rear and front-facing cameras, and a body that's 33 percent thinner than the original iPad. While it wasn't a ton of news, the news still dominated the Internet all day.

3. Best GDC Reveal: Infamous 2 user-generated modes

Sony and Suck

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Blizzard turns 20, a message from Blizzard co-founders

2011 is a special year for both Blizzard and its fans. Cuz Blizzard turns 20 on Feb, 8th, 2011. Blizzard impress me with its many many classical games. Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo ect.. I just cant imagine what will my gaming live be like without Blizzard.

Here is the message from Blizzard co-founders Mike Morhaime and Frank Pearce. All of the Blizzard fans ought to know what happen next:

Finally Tnx Blizzard. I am anticipated for more amazing games from Blizzard in the future!

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New quests coming to FF14 on March, 3rd

Source from: massively.joystiq.com/

The rapid update schedule for Final Fantasy XIV's post-launch patches continues, with the next one slated for release tomorrow, March 3rd. It should be a welcome piece of news to fans eager to dive into the biggest proimised feature, the addition of new sidequests separate from main story quests and the repeatable levequests. The addition has been previewed in the latest announcement on the official site, giving players a quick overview of what to expect from the new ventures.

Various NPCs throughout the major cities will offer sidequests, denoted by the nigh-universal symbol of the questgiver, an exclamation mark. As usual, there are minimum class and rank prerequisites, and the update promises that quest content will be unique in focus, implying that th

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Playing PS3 Games on an iOS Device

News from: www.gamepolitics.com/

I saw this intesting video just now. Its rlly awesome.

Im sure Apple will  be wroth to see the video cuz it shows off PS3 games on an iPhone. The hack reportedly lets PS3 owners play their games over an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod ). The only good news for Apple is that the hack requires some technical expertise to use.

Users will need to have their own capture device, input converter, USB mouse and keyboard, a PC, and a PS3. These devices will work with a custom build of everyAir. The hack is more of a technology demo and not very practical for really playing games, but it is interesting.

Here is the video:



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Crysis 2 isnt ready, delay it

Source from: Dear Crytek: Crysis 2 isnt ready, delay it

The other day I wrote my article about Crysis2 PC demo will release on March 1st,2011. Have you downloaded this demo and played some online matches? If yes, maybe you will agree with the following points. If not, read this before you download the demo.

First of all, let me begin with the horrible textures pop in/out. This issue affects on the fun factor of the game and your visibility as it will make it hard for you to spot enemy players in the game. Sometimes you will be uncertain if an enemy player is standing/crouching/moving or it simply an object in the environment is about to load its textures. Crytek said that Crysis 2 "Taps Every Last Ounce Of Console Power" how can it be when the game has this fatal issue?


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First gameplay screenshots of Battlefield3

Source from: www.mindch.com/2011/03/first-gameplay-screenshot-of.html

Its the first official (Direct feed/not scans) screenshot of Battlefield 3. The screen was released at the Nvidia GDC presentation. You can expect more Battlefield 3 information tomorrow when the embargo ends.


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