WOW Hunter Leveling & Quest Guide

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If a WOW Hunter is new to you then read on to get some material to get you off to a good start. We will be going over the overall playing strategies most beneficial when using a Hunter in world of warcraft.

WOW Hunter Leveling & Quest Guide

A party needs someone to keep tracked of whats going on within the team, this is usually the Hunters job. Being an expert in long range weapons, the Hunter is great at pulling foes towards their team to ambush. Hunters are very adept in warning their party about long range enemies before the rest of the team would see them. The Hunters lack of self healing abilities are countered by their regular avoidance of hand to hand combat in group play.
Since the Hunter does not partake in melee combat they do not need to keep as much healing potions in their inventory therfore others might ask you to hold things for them. But the Hunter doesn’t just sit in the background. With the Auto Shot ability, the hunter can rapidly fire any long range weapon. Various wild animals in WOW can be tamed by the Hunter to fight besides him. As a Hunter you might struggle a bit in the begining but you can level up pretty quick and you will always be a welcome addition in any party.

Some points to consider when choosing a Hunter race:

As a Hunter you will want to take your time deciding on what race you wish to be, it will make a difference on how you will play world of warcraft. Although race selection is very important, deciding on Alliance or Horde is not as both work very well as a Hunter. With the Burning Crusade expansion the draenei race is available to be a Hunter, otherwise you may choose a dwarf or night elf. Dwarves specialize in the use of guns which naturally makes them a good choice to be a hunter if this is your first one. Naturally stealth is beneficial when playing a Hunter so the night elf is a great choice due to Prowl and Shadowmeld abilities. The night elf is considered by many to be the most effective alliance side hunter. If you would like to play a more aggressive style hunter consider the draenei for they will provide heal over time with the Gift of the Naaru and the Heroic Presence talent will assist the hunter and the hunters pets.

The Horde races are equally effective at being a Hunter.
Trolls are very good Hunters with their Bow Specialization and DPS bonus using Berserker. The troll has the very effective Beast Slaying talent which increases their damage to beasts. A unique benefit to the troll Hunter is their ability to replenish health with Restoration. Warstomp is a great tauren Hunter talent for keeping your enemies at bay without getting to close to them. On the flip side the orc's use their Hardiness ability to reduce stun effect duration by 15% and they also use Command to give their pets a 5% damage bonus. Finally if you have the Burning Crusade expansion you may choose the blood elf as a Hunter using Arcane Torrent as an effective strike against enemy casters and it also is a fast way to replenish the Hunters mana.

In the beginning you won't be a super-warrior so don't try to play like one. At first you should learn just how your character works and what are it's strenghts and weaknesses. Keep your fighting time short at first, don't be stubborn and get your character killed over and over again. Use range weapons and spells to keep your character out of harms way. Pay close attention to leveling and questing and be sure to do every quest you can get your hands on. If you think you have completed all the quests in your present area check again to be sure.

Be sure to learn as much as possible from your available trainer before moving on to another area of world of warcraft. And don't forget to look into what professions you might be interested in pursuing. Professions research is important, don't ignore them. Some professions are very good money makers, use this early level learning time to think about how you will build your character into the powerhouse you want it to be. It might be a little early to mention this but try to save a little gold. At level 20 you will be able to purchase a mount making it much quicker to travel in WOW.

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