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Circling around MMOSite are quite a few posts regarding the new game, SMITE, which features artistic takes (some are outright eye-candy) on various Gods and Goddess of different religions. One of the more popular characters is a rendition of the Hindu Goddess, Kali. The attractive but dangerous beauty of the game has been some heavy fire and backlash for how she is represented in the game.

While I highly doubt that it was meant to be offensive, I can see why someone might take offense to the representation. While she isn't the first deity to ever been changed from traditional to modern (and won't be the last), do you think that it's a matter of being disrespectful or a matter of being creative?

In the US, on the television show Supernatural, Kali was also represented by the actress Rekha Sharma (who you might know from Battlestar Galactica).

Both television and movies have used actors and actresses to portray deities for many years now, which I'm sure plenty has also come under heavy backlash from those who are highly religious. Where they meant to blatantly offend? I'm guessing a big no here in most cases. Both Jesus (at least a distant relative) and God from Catholism were both played by women in the movie, Dogma. I sure that got someone's panties in a bunch...no pun intended. Angels are tossed in about every fantasy genre out there. Then again, so are unicorns. Do you see people getting upset that unicorns are poorly displayed?

Maybe I'm just not as sensitive to the issue as I should be. I have a rather live and let live policy. While there are many countries out there who change the artistic rendering of even their own beliefs to be geared toward a certain audience, think of how there are kid versions of the Bible for example, there are also those who feel that dumbed down depictions of their religion is outrageous. I'm just not one of them.

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