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 Take a break from Pking. Play one of the many mini games! Listed below are a few of the mini games available. 



Mini Games


One of the fun features of Zentia is the mini games. The minigames bring a nice break from all the excitement. Mini games can be accessed by using a Geomancy Fragment.

Geomancy Fragments can be received from finishing a quest or sometimes found after defeating an enemy.

Once a Geomancy Fragment is right clicked, you can access the minigame, if you meet the level requirements. The requirements are stated on the Geomancy Fragment.

Geomancy Fragment

In the upper right corner is a tab marked, “Leisure”.


Click the leisure tab and you can play the mini game! Minigames offer experience points, coins, and items upon completion. The mini games can be play with a party if you are in one when you use it.

Amazing Drawing

There are many minigames and here are a few:

Amazing Drawing

The goal here is to spot the differences between the two pictures. Four hints are available at the Hint tab in the upper right corner. Just click the missing object on the left hand screen and it will be marked for you. Each picture has five differences can you find them all within time?

Amazing Drawing



Fishing charm is a teleport charm, so once the charm is right clicked you will be taken to the fishing island.

At the island you will notice some instructions in the upper left hand corner.

Fishing Helper

Head over to a fishing rod and use the casting skill.

Casting Skill

When the “Lifting” icon appears click the lifting icon.


The goal of this minigame is to catch the most fish! Good luck!


First one through the maze wins prizes! Don’t let the timer run out!



This is a matching game with a time limit. Match two same pictures that are near each other. You win by matching all the pictures.



copied from the Zentia Game Guide


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