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Zentia Memorial Event!

 Memorial Event
Fellow Zentians!
In honor of Memorial Day weekend, Zentia is running a Memorial event that will last from May 25 after maintenance to midnight of May 31. 

Here are the event details:
1. Festival Bulletins in Serene City, Pond City and the Capital City warehouse notify players about the event.
2. NPCs in Serene City, Pond City, and Capital City provide event items.
3. Quest given by Taoist Ting to go to Sunny Temple and burn incense to honor the dead. Completing the quest will provide buffs, XPs, and the unique food Memoriam Fruit.
4. Double XP period for Memorial Day Weekend: May 28 at 12:05am to May 30th at 11:55pm.

So spend some time resting this weekend, thinking about your loved ones, past and present. Then spend the rest of your time honoring your fallen comrades in

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Scrapheap...you'll hear people looking for teams quite often to kill this guy. Why?  It's great exp! Don't forget to use your block/defend, else you'll die :p


 Uploaded by MrMario510 on Youtube




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Zentia Guild System

Player Jita wrote this great guild guide.

Guild's in Zentia require participation and contribution to grow. Both of these things come of course from it's members. Here are some great ways to both participate and contribute to your guild which will help it grow, and net you some nice xp and gold too!  (you can even do these things on your own )

Let's start by heading to the guild square.

Look in your inventory (B) and find your Teleport Charm.

If you can't find a Teleport Charm in your inventory check out this mini-guide to replace it I've lost my charm! (Mini-Guide)

You can click this to bring up a menu of locations that you have access to teleport too.

Scroll to the bottom and the very last entry and click Guild Square, then click Go.

Up the tall steps at Heaven Pa

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Zentia Dance Fever

Dance Fever


Dance Fever!

There are some places in Zentia where you can join a dance group and dance the night away with your friends while earning experience and cool items like the Animation Paper! This is a great way to earn experience while you are away from your keyboard (AFK).

Travel to Serene City Center and find Dancing Nenny. She may be small but she is not hard to find. You will usually see people dancing with her around the city. You can join in on the fun as well. There is two different ways to join the dance group. You can either right-click on Dancing Nenny and then right-click on her picture at the top of the screen then select Follow. OR… you can just left-click on her and join the Dance Group automatically.



Dancing and Animation



In your journeys, you mi

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