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At March 21st, Aeria Games has released the most recent new content for Dynasty Warriors Online.


This updade is not a simple update like the other that we have seem since the game's closed beta. It's not only give players new thing to do, but also marks a new begging for everybody.


Unrest in Jing Scenario


When the game start, player had to choose a scenario to play. That scenario is the "Unrest in Jing". It's was about the common scenario of the Three Kingom Era: Wei, Wu and Shu fighing each other trying to reunite China. You needed to pick a famous General from these factions and help him/her on the fighting and other stuff. Of course, as a MMO player had the chance to rewrite history, Aeria has made a huge tournament and the winners faction would be declared the one that reunited China.

After extremely harsh and wonderfuls battles Wu was declared the winner. (Yes, I was a Wu soldier under Lu Meng's patronage). Now in game China finnaly knows peace and can develope under Wu government. Players, based on the General, can see the character ending beside his/her master according to the players doing. I believe that was a extremely great way to end.

Now players can ask:  What to do now? The Three Kingdom Era has ended, there is no more fighting and things to do. It's almost like the entire game has endend and Aeria is going ti shut it down.

That's where the Heavenly Strike Comes.


Diao Chan's Plot

Now that that age of chaos is gone, time to move to another. Characters now can reincarnate in anorther scenario with the same things they have accomplished on the previous scenario.

The Diao Chan's Plot is based in the time that the Tyrant Dong Zhuo burned to ashes the previous capital Luo Yang, making Chang'an the new capital. The Coalition, that included Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Liu Bei and Yuan Shao, has finished and every warlord is doing as its own will.

Now that's a change to the age of chaos reborn. New battles awaits the soldiers with theis passion.


New features

1 - Five factions to Choose:

Yuan Shao Faction has 3 Generals to choose:

- Yuan Shao (the warlord)

- Zhange He (as the game is before is defecting to Wei)

- Zhen Ji (as the game is before she gets married do Cao Pi)

Dong Zhuo Faction has 4 Generals:

- Dong Zhuo (the mighty tyrant)

- Lu Bu ("among men Lu Bu...")

- Diao Chan (the most beautiful woman in China)

- Zhang Liao (as the game is before Lu Bu's death and his joing in wei)

Wu has 5 General to choose:

- Sun Jian (The Tiger of Jian Dong)

- Sun Ce (The Older Sun)

- Sun Quan (The Wu Emperor)

- Sun Shang Xiang (The Archer Princess)

Shu has 3 Generals to choose:

- Liu Bei (The Benevolent Ruler)

- Guan Wu (The God of War)

- Zhang Fei (The Powerful Warrior)

- Huang Gai (The Old Protector)

Wei has 5 Generals to choose:

- Cao Cao (The Hero of Chaos)

- Xiahou Dun (The One-eyed Warrior)

- Xiahou Yuan (The Great Archer Genreal)

- Dian Wei (Cao Cao's bodyguard)

- Cao Ren ( The Armor Warrior)


2 - The New Weapon : Zuo Ci's Cursed Deck


New weapon of a Old Magician!!


3 - New Higher Ranks


Playres can now achieve new ranks woth honor.!

- Front General: 10,000 Honor
- 4th Elite General: 15,000 Honor
- Perimeter General: 20,000 Honor
- Strategist General: 30,000 Honor
- Chariot General: 50,000 Honor
- Cavalry General: 70,000 Honor


4 - The Coalition System

Through the Faction Coalition system, allied factions can work together to complete campaigns. Members of allied factions can move between each others cities through the Peach Nymph NPC.


5 - The Peach Garden Tao Hua Yuan


Tao Hua Yuan is a new Town that will be added in Heavenly Strike. Here's some information about this great new area

- Players from all factions will be able to travel here and interact with one another as if they were on the same Force

- A player must be Lt. Colonel or higher to travel to Tao Hua Yuan.

- To accommodate new friends you'll meet in Peach Garden, your Friend List will grow as you Rank up!

- Peach Nymphs will be located in each Force's Market. They will allow you to travel to Tao Hua Yuan

-Standard NPCs will be present in Peach Garden (Blacksmith, Antiques Dealer, etc) however they will not give Quests.

- Some Menus will be disabled while in Tao Hua Yuan

- All players will have a House in Peach Garden. Some specific Furniture functions will be disabled (such as the use of the Shipping Desk)

- Tao Hua Yuan will have three districts (shown below): West Square, Central Square, East Square


6 - New Quest


The game offers new quest to accomplish based on th character doings.


7 - The Elephant!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now there is a Elephant Lieutenent that can be rided!!

with the ride system, many strategies and battle tactics can be done! Aeria also informe that will be released futute lieutenants that can also the rided in battle.


7 - The Kunlun battle


A new Battle Mode will be available inside Peach Garden that will allow players of all factions to join in a near infinite number of battles!

- Players from all factions will be able to travel to Peach Garden and join in KunLun Mountains battles

- A player must be Lt. Colonel or higher to travel to Tao Hua Yuan.

- Players can form parties with players from all factions to participate in this battle mode.

- Players will have a 1 hour time limit, but items can be obtained in battle to increase the time limit.

- Players can choose to "Pause" their progress which will temporarily save their data and allow them to return to Peach Garden. When attempting to form a party to continue from the Pause point, all players must have paused at the same stage.

- Players will be briefed on their mission and upon completion will continue to the next mission until the team loses or decides to Pause/quit (see below).


8 - The Beautician


Using Aeria Points players can change and customize his character with many options.


9 - In Game Tournament!


There will be a tournament that is completely run in game.

- The tournament consists of 4 qualifying rounds and one final round.

- After a total of four rounds, the top 8 teams go to the final round.

- The final round consists of tournament battles. A total of 5 battles are held.

- After the final round, participating teams receive awards according to the place they finish.


This are basically the new features that Aeria has released for Dynasty Warrior Online. I have tried the game already, and it's awesome. If you have a time to spend download it and have some fun. If you already played and quit, give it another shot, the game is much better and with new wonderful content.

Dynasty Warrior Online Heavenly Strike  

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