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Aura Kingdom is an Anime Style 3D MMORPG developed by X-Legend and published by Aeria Games.


Charcter Creation:

First off you choose one of 8 Classes:

Guardian: Tank type with Sword and Shield

Duellist: Melee DPS with Dual Swords

Ravager: Melee AOE DD with a Giant Battleaxe

Wizard: Magic AOE DD with a Staff

Sorcerer: Support & Heal with a Book

Bard: Support & Heal with a Harp

Grenadier: Ranged AOE DD with a Grenade Launcher

Gunslinger: Ranged DPS with Dual Pistols

9th Class to be implemented


While the weapons listed are your main weapons, at level 40 you unlock the possibility to use a secondary weapon.


Then you choose your gender and between:

9 different faces

10 hairstyles

12 haircolors

20 eye colors

4 skin tones.



LMB or WASD for movement, RMB for Camera

1-0 and Ctrl + 1-0 for skills for hotkeys



Colorful Anime style, which might not appeal to everyone.

Fighting Animations seem a bit too flashy and emotive animations especially in the dialogues have a pretty short transition time which makes them sometimes look odd/clunky.

Detailed Landscape, props and models.

You will not see armor being rendered, instead you’ll see costumes you get from quests or Cash shop/Loyalty shop.

Option to turn player rendering on and off, especially great for events, if you are lagging because of the amount of players rendered



Nice BGMs, almost no ambient sounds.

No voice acting except for the tutorial videos and intro cinematic.



Since it's a hybrid of Point and click and Action combat, you need to target an enemy, but you can freely move around while performing skills, they will still be aimed at the opponent.

Also skills aren’t just single hits, they are themselves a combo of multiple hits, which makes it hard to calculate the actual damage you deal compared to other party members for example.

Melee weapons have a small AOE area, so if multiple enemies stay in the same spot, you will hit them all.



You unlock the regular skills as you level up, but you can improve them in several ways.

One is to add a Secret stone that improves the skill, more on that later.

The other option is to make it your ultimate skill, which will deal more damage and cause extra effects which you also unlock while levelling and improve under certain conditions, like by dropping and using an item in a dungeon.



As you level up you unlock “Envoy’s Path” Points, which you can spend on passive traits. You can only unlock traits right next to unlocked traits or the starting point though.

Those passives are either pure stats or special skills which need a secondary weapon.



Eidolons are your pets and they fight with you. While you can have up to 3 with you, you can only summon 1 at a time. They will level by being fed experience crystals of different sizes.

You get those from monsters or from “connecting to Gaia” an action each of the 3 Eidolons with you can perform, even if they are fighting with you. Connecting with Gaia uses up the Eidolon’s MP and you have to talk to it to recharge them. Depending on the topic you choose you get 1-5 MP back.

Connecting to Gaia might also yield minor Secret Stones or items needed for Eidolon Evolution.

Eidolons will evolve at level 40 if you got enough Experience Crystals and other materials.



Like in most MMORPGs equipment is mainly dropped from monsters and acquired from quests.

The rarity of Items goes:

Grey (only scrap for selling) > White  > Blue > Green > Orange > Yellow > Purple

White and Blue are commonly dropped by monsters.

Blue, Green and Yellow are found in “Valuable Item Chests” which are randomly dropped by any monster and usually contain 3 items. Purple is equip acquired through the PvP Arena which is a late game feature.

In dungeons you only drop Green and higher rarity equip.

Most equip has 1 main stat and 4 green bonus stats. The Main stat (Attack or Defense) can vary between 100 and 120%

In total the equip consists of:

Main Weapon

Secondary Weapon (level 40+)

Two Trophies (Dungeon Boss Drops)

An Amulet

A Ring








Secret Stones:

Secret Stones Enhance your skills additionally. You can only put one into a piece of equip of rarity blue or higher.

You can buy a few basic Secret Stones from a merchant, but most of them will drop at rare occasion from monsters. At a Secret Stone Merchant you can inlay them into equip, extract them again or upgrade them by sacrificing other Secret stones. Upgrades on Secret stones will increase their benefit.

The most common secret stones are only green rare and are probably the best sacrifices, since they would only fit for armour.



In most games called enchanting, Fortification will raise an Items Main stat up to 80%

You will need Fortification Scrolls and Fragments for this process. You get fragments from salvaging gear above level 10. A failed fortification will consume both Scroll and Fragments but add to a “Potential” bar. If that bar fills up you will automatically gain one fortification level. Up to +9 (12,8% bonus) you can use regular fortification scrolls. Past that you will need Advanced Fortification Scrolls. Chances to fortify grow slim fast.

Untradeable Fortification Scrolls drop from monsters.



The currency is based on a 1000 Silver = 1 Gold System.

Money is mostly earned by questing, since selling scrap or other items doesn’t yield much silver, or by running dungeons, since that is the only location where monsters drop money.



Each of the maps is concepted for 10 levels, has a town to restack on potions (which is rarely needed) Besides the main quest you’ll find the one or other side quest and a lot of achievement quests, where you find items which are marked with “!” and then deliver them to an NPC who might want it.

The quest objectives range from classic, kill, drop, gather, talk, to “delivery”, “place/use”, “craft”.

The general levelling pace is okay and so far I didn’t encounter any grin, except if you strive for certain drops.


Character Progression:

Besides the already mentioned Ultimate Skills and Passives (Path of Envoy), there are stat points you can distribute.

They are divided into “Attack” and “Defense”. Early in the game you get one point per level, later on you get one every 50% exp.

Attack has the Categories:

Damage, Crititical Chance and Attack Speed

Defense has the Categories:

Max HP, Defense and Evasion


Since you don’t have to choose between Attack and Defense you are not forced to build a Glass Cannon or a weak Tank.



Dunegons provide a good amount of exp, money, green gear, trophies and items needed for both item refining (late game improvement of gear), skill improvement and Eidolons.

Story dungeons can be run alone, others require a party of 5.

There are 2 difficulties for party dungeon and you are also limited to 3 runs each per day.

Each run takes about half an hour, depending on the party damage output.



PvP can be accessed once you hit level 40. It’s a scheduled arena with 2 contests which alternate every day.

You can win Battle Coins or Purple lvl 50 gear.

Sadly right now it is only scheduled for the first 30 minutes every full hour between 2pm and 2am PST




Noteable Features:


Acrobatic Jumping & Gliding for shortcuts.


Autoloot, except for “Valuable Item” boxes.


Autopotion system

Daily Quests


Loot list for targeted mob

Possibility to turn off rendering of other characters

Solo Instances

Stall Zone




Cash Shop/Loyalty Point Shop:


CS wasn’t available yet, but Loyalty shop was.

Loyalty points are earned by finishing achievements.


Items in the Loyalty shop:

3 Day costumes

Eidolon Exp

Eidolon Keys (skips the whole process of crafting the key)

Treasure Charm to increase boss drops

Gear of level 28-40 white or green rarity (Dungeon Gear)




Being an early Beta there of course are some bugs:

Missing Dialogue text (at least 4 times)

Quests/Events not triggering properly (3 Achievement quests)

NPCs in dialogue window move upward with every line they talk (only happens with pretty small NPCs)




The game is fun, but people will probably cap fast (a few weeks if playing casually) and then be bored since they only can run dungeons to earn a lot of money. Grinding isn’t that rewarding except if you’re lucky to sell the more rare drops, or if you go for the Fragments, Eidolon exp or green Secret Stones. PvP could be interesting Endgame because of the reward gear, but the current schedule is unfair for non US players.

Weapon Fortification only makes sense late game.



If you want to check out the game go here:



Right now they have a CBT key giveaway at facebook which lasts till 26th of December.

CBT started today (23rd of December) and will probably last a week.

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