Skyforge in 2017: Is It Worth Your Time? - A Critical Review

By: InMyOpinionGaming posted at May 08, 2017 3:58 pm

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In my constant quest to uncover fun and worthwhile MMOs I continually stumble upon ones like Skyforge.

Skyforge is a Free To Play Action-Combo-Combat MMO developed by The Allods Team (...they made Allods Online) and is Published by My.Com. Skyforge has been released since 2015 and recently made its way onto Steam.

I figured Skyforge would be a polished experience given that it's been out for a while now and that the premise and gameplay looked fun and right up my alley. I wasn't wrong, Skyforge is pretty polished from both a story and gameplay perspective but the way they monetize the game hurts the overall experience greatly. For more information see my Video above!

For those interested Skyforge has the following features:

  • Combo-based Combat (Similar to Vindictus and DragonNest)
  • A refreshing premise where you play as a God
  • A Dungeon System with various levels of Difficulty
  • Open world zones with multiple quests/objectives
  • Various forms of PvP and Dueling
  • 13 Diverse Classes
  • Group Raids
  • and Various Mounts

All in all, Skyforge is a decent game with enjoyable content, an interesting premise about being a God and earning Followers, with a variety of Organic and Mechanical monsters/beings to beat up. Over the past 2 years however the developers (seemingly in an effort to make the game more accessible) dumbed down the way you customize your class's skills to something more generic and simple. Combined with the unappealing way Allods Team/My.com has decided to limit free players and empower those with cash and you've got an MMO that used to be special.

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