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Tree of Savior is a Free To Play 2D MMORPG on Steam that has a very beautiful and colorful art-style. Combat is reminiscent of Ragnarok Online, and questing is standard fare for the most part. Check out the video below for further details and Gameplay at 1080p 60fps!

For those who are looking for an MMO that has that Classic feel to it while staying Modern in most aspects

Tree of Savior Features:

  1. Gorgeous Artwork
  2. A Smart Mix of 2D and 3D Graphics
  3. Easily Accessible Combat
  4. 4 Starting Classes with More Class Choices As You Level
  5. End-Game Dungeons and Farming Spots
  6. PvP and Dueling!
  7. Open Your Own Stall in Town To Sell Your Items To Other Players
  8. A Visually Modern MMO That Plays Like One of The Classics

For More Reviews on MMOs, RPGS and Action Games keep an eye out for more of my articles on here and my videos on YouTube. I can also be followed on Twitter (@IMOGaming)

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