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Paragon's currently unavailable Large-old map (Legacy) was something that a lot of people miss, myself included. In this post you will find a video showing off gameplay from Paragon's old map as well as some talking points on the subject!

I personally hope that one day Epic decides to let us play on this old and beautiful map once again using the current Meta of Paragon, that likely won't happen but I hope that Epic somehow comes across this video and maybe considers changing how the current map plays (Monolith) to make it feel like the older map. The old map wasn't perfect but in my opinion it did feel a lot better.

Paragon is a free to play MOBA created by Epic Games and that uses the Unreal 4 Engine. The game has recently hit a huge update with a overhaul to many of the game's system and features that people either love or hate

Stay tuned for some Absolver content!

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